May2013 road-trip from Russellville, KY to Blaine, WA.

Union Grove Cemetery, Logan County, KY 

Bayou Corne, LA, is being swallowed by a man-made sinkhole, courtesy of Texas Brine Co. 

2nd night Campsite, Creole, LA

3rd night campsite, Sheffield, TX

Finally broke down and got a room. 

(What's left of) Lordsburg, NM

The following are sunset shots of Canyon de Chelly, AZ -- from the south rim, near my (probably illegal) campsite


Violet-green swallows were there in huge numbers.  

A bristle cone hundreds of years old.  The whole place is a 1000 sq mi. bonsai garden.

Close up of a freshly sawn juniper stump right on the rim, rooted in rock.  Ring density was more than 60 per inch, indicating this tree was already centuries old 150 years ago when Kit Carson wiped out the entire Navajo population living in the Canyon below.  Something like 10,000 of them.

Shots near Vermillion Rocks, AZ

One of three golden eagles along the way.

Yellow-headed blackbird and ??

Only saw 2 snakes the entire trip, both were this species, warming themselves on the pavement.  I was able to move this guy; the other one wasn't so lucky. 

The human road-kill seemed to be everywhere.

This 27 yo lady let her R wheel get off the road into the soft dirt.  The car rolled multiple times.  
Two of her 3 children were ejected.  All three were taken to hospital, no word on them.  Link.   

Washington and Oregon









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