Photos from Feb -May 2015 road-trip 
Denis O'Brien

From Langley, BC to: 
Amherst ,VA; Green Lane & West Chester, PA; Everglades, FL; Grand Canyon, AZ;  Black Rock Desert, NV 
-- 13,333 miles, 47 fill-ups, one California condor.


Soon to be closed Sweet Briar College, Amherst, VA. Photo taken in March, 2015



Desert flowers were definitely in bloom, particularly in the AZ deserts, not so much in NV.  All of these shots taken in Grand Canyon National Park, on or near the north rim of the canyon.  








The Florida leg of the trip

Steve Martin was my co-pilot and intrepid guide to Florida and the Everglades.  Didn't see much wildlife in the Everglades-proper as it was awfully dry, but did see quite a few alligators along the back roads.  Most of the bird and manatee photos below were taken at Homosassa State Park -- great place.

St. Augustine




Steve & brewski at Meredith's 



Homoassa Springs














Reminders of G.W. Bush's economic policies and his Great Recession were everywhere








Elbow Canyon

Some serious off-roading between Grand Canyon and Mesquite, NV.  
Some of these photos taken from websites about this goat trail, Elbow Canyon


Looking back at the first of many steep climbs


Mesquite, NV is out there somewhere


These two are SummitPost photos of the same "road," same sky


Michael took these shots of the poop-ur-panties road


Sweet pavement after 4 hrs and 30 miles climbing over those hills


Random shots, mostly of the Grand Canyon/Marble Canyon part of the trip








Black Rock Desert, NV


Lake Powell's bathtub rings



Marble Canyon leads into the Grand

Marble Canyon


The N edge of Marbel Canyon is on the left -- the canyon stretches across the entire photo 

Grand Canyon at Toroweep





My first California condor.  Marble Canyon, AZ.





This is my trip odometer (km) just after turning into the farm.  
If I could have drawn those 5 deuces while in Mesquite, NV, I could have bought this farm.



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