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Trump's Bureaucrats & Jurists 

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A Table of DTDuck's Major Political Appointments
(and how long they last)

Project started Dec.2016. Last updated: Dec14|16. WaPo list


Office Nominee Previous positions/Notes Status
Chief Strategist Steve Bannon ex-GoldmanSachs banker ~ movie producer ~ Tea Party freak No confirmation req'd


VP Mike Pence IL governor ~ Tea Party freak Elected
Secy of State Rex Tillerson CEO Exxon Mobil Confirmed Feb01|17
Secy of Treasury Steven Mnuchin ex-GoldmanSachs exec Confirmed Feb13|17
Secy of Defense James Mattis USMC general Confirmed Jan20|17
Atty General Jeff Sessions US senator (R- AL) Confirmed Feb08|17 -- 52-47 - Joe Manchin, D. WV, voted for
Secy Interior Ryan Zinke US representative (R-MT) ~ former SEAL ~ fraud charges  Confirmed Mar01|17
Secy of Ag Sonny Perdue Ex-governor of GA. Pending confirmation
Secy of Comm Wilbur Ross CEO Rothschild Inc. ~ founder WL Ross & Co Confirmed Feb01|27
Secy of Labor Andy Puzder CEO Hardy's/Carl's Jr. W/drew Feb|17
Alexander Acosta Aty., Dean FL Intl U. Law school - this is the asshole US Attorney who let Jeffrey Epstein essentially go free in spite of 40 witnesses to pedophilia.  Here  Pending confirmation
Secy of HHS Tom Price US representative (R-GA), MD Confirmed Feb09|17 
Secy of HUD Ben Carson Surgeon Confirmed Mar02|17
Secy of Trans Elaine Chao Labor secy under HW 2001-09 ~ Wells Fargo board of directors ~ wife of McConnell; Confirmed Jan31|17
Secy of Energy Rick Perry TX governor Confirmed Mar02|17
Secy of Education Betsy DeVos No qualifications ~ sister of mercenary Erik Prince ~ AmWay heiress  Confirmed Feb07|17 -- 2 Republicans opposed. Pence broke 50-50- tie. 
Secy of VA David Shulkin Obama's undersecretary of health Confirmed Feb13|17
Secy of HS John Kelly USMC general Confirmed Jan20|17


Chief of Staff Rince Priebus Chair RNC  
Admin EPA Scott Pruitt OK AG Confirmed Feb17|17
Dir OMB Mick Mulvaney US representative (R-SC) Confirmed Feb16|17
Trade Rep Robt. Lighthizer Steel industry lawyer Pending confirmation
Dir CIA Mike Pompeo US representative, KS Confirmed Jan23|17

Backed by 14 Democrats: Joe Donnelly, IN~Dianne Feinstein, CA~Maggie Hassan, NH~Heidi Heitkamp, ND~Tim Kaine, VA~Amy Klobuchar, MN~Joe Manchin, WV~Claire McCaskill, MI~Jack Reed, RI~Brian Schatz, HI~Chuck Schumer, NY~Jeanne Shaheen, NH~Mark Warner, VA~Sheldon Whitehouse, RI

Ambass UN Nikki Haley SC governor Confirmed Jan24|17
Chair CEA      
Admin SBA Linda McMahon CEO WWE Confirmed Feb14|17

Sub-Cabinet, require confirmation

DSecy of Comm Todd Ricketts   Pending confirmation
Secy AF Heather Wilson   Pending confirmation
Secy Army Vincent Viola Wall St. prick and billionaire ~ owner of FL Panthers W/drew Feb03|17
Secy Navy Philip Bilden Wall St. prick and billionaire  W/drew Feb25|17
NSA H.R. McMaster Army Lt.Gen. Appointed Feb20|17
Michael Flynn Army Lt. Gen ~ Dir DIA Appointed Jan20|17
Resigned Feb13|17
Dpty NSA KT McFarland FOX reporter Pending confirmation
Dir NEC Gary Cohn GoldmanSachs president Pending confirmation
SEC Jay Clayton   Pending confirmation
DNI Dan Coats   Confirmed Mar15|17

Major Ambassadors

Ambass China Terry Branstad IA governor Pending confirmation
Ambass Israel David Friedman lawyer ~ zionist prick ~ Orthodox Jew ~ Israel-firster Confirmed Mar23|17
Ambass UK Robt. Wood Johnson   Pending confirmation


Jurists (appellate courts)

Court Nominee Previous position Status
 USSCt Neil Gorsuch 10 CA Pending confirmation







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