Postpone signs of aging with these tricks



Youth and later:

Everyone likes being young and energetic. But the reality is different. A person’s looks and vitality greatly decreases with increase in age. This is the sad reality that everyone has to face. But nature has bestowed us with many blessings. It is not always necessary that a person must lose all his beauty and energy all at once and abruptly. One can postpone visible signs of aging on the skin, hair and body if they use these blessings of nature and at the same time also keeps fit and healthy by exercising daily, maintaining a balanced diet and keeping hydrated.

Then there is premature ageing:

Environmental factors often have a very big influence on the premature ageing of people. The kind of pollution that we are exposed to today as compared to even a decade ago contributes greatly to the skin, hair and overall body’s degeneration. In addition, the increase in stress levels in our day to day living also makes it more difficult for coping the wear and tear and the travails of life.

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Here is a list of few things that you can do t make sure that you postpone the signs of ageing as much as possible.

Storing up calcium in the body:

Good intake of calcium up to the age of thirty years is a sine quo non of a healthy life. The body absorbs sufficient quantity of calcium from milk and other calcium rich products and stores it in the bones. Bone density tests reveal that people who have not had enough calcium in their youth are most prone to faster ageing.

Sunscreen is for applying:

There is no point carrying sunscreen in your purse only. It must in fact be a diligent routine when you are hitting outdoors. And yes even when inside the car and driving! Sunlight that filters through your car window can also harm your skin and accelerate ageing.

Vitamin A to the rescue:

Say that you have not cared enough for your skin, worry not. Stash up on Vitamin A to counter all the damage that you may have done to your skin. Vitamin A is found big time in spinach, sweet potatoes, watermelons and mangoes. And, don’t forget to pick up your scarf when outdoors.

Reversing damage to the brain:

Omega 3 DHA can save your brains from ageing and keep Alzheimer’s and other brain degenerative diseases at bay. Remember to treat your body with respect. A healthy body can only be a home to healthy mind.

Keeping busy:

It is a given fact that your brain controls everything. Therefore to keep your body in shape and ageing process steps away from you keep your brain activity and physical and social engagements active till for a long time. This stimulates overall health benefits and also lets age be only a number!

Hydrate yourself:

Keep hydrating your skin with water and keep away from tea, coffee and soda as much as possible. They are known sources of inducing skin and hair ageing and they are the first physical signs of ageing.