Walk in to our salon and walk out as a different you!


So much that your skin and hair have to bear:

With increasing pollution levels and the building up of stress levels internally due to the fast pace of this world can leave you hassled. Your psyche may be the most affected in turn affecting your morale and also the will to go on. Thankfully, our salons are geared to give you the most relaxing beauty treatments that will not only take away your external tiredness but heal you from inside and help you fight signs of stress and ageing.

What sets us apart from the rest?

What is it that sets us apart from the other beauty salons? Apart from the most up to date technology that our salon boasts of, we have the most ambient surrounding to let your nerves soothe and our beauticians are well armed with the latest technology and world class products coupled with the best set of skills to give you the most relaxing time of your life.

You know you are in for the best:

When you walk into our salons, there is one thing that will strike you and that is you are in a for some real good experience. not the kind where the service is done half heartedly and where you would walk out feeling hardly satisfied and wondering to yourself if the time you spent there was even worth your money and energy. On the other hand, you would feel elated that you walked in the first place and that you decided to give us a chance to be able t serve you. Our sincere dedication and expertise is surely going to floor you.

From head to toe:

We have a range of services that you may find difficult to see all under one roof anywhere else. We have skin treatments and skin rejuvenations, haute couture hairstyles and hair repair therapies, body massages and facials and hand and foot massages. The complete range of services helps us not only serve you better but also is helpful for our loyal patrons since they need not hunt for individual services at different places. Szepseg Egeszseg is proud to announce that it is one of the most trusted salons in the country today. Our customers love the fact that we not only give them our best but we are continuously striving to improve our services and keep a tab on the prices to be able to deliver more value for their money!

Our weight management programs:

Recently, we have diversified into cosmetic weight reduction where we are equipped in using advanced technology to help clients reduce cellulite from their bodies and help them in spot reduction of fats in places that are hard to lose fat from with exercising like the arms and the belly.

The technology is extremely safe and is acclaimed for the excellent results that it yields. There is so much more that we have added and are continuously adding to make sure that our clients have the most fulfilling service and they are able to snap out of their stress and daily wear and tear and are able to enjoy the calm and the serene quality of life. For more information on what we have for you, logon to http://szepseg-egeszeg.com. Now, you can even book an appointment online. What are you waiting for?