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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Yisraeli Acts of Apartheid

I gave up years ago trying to keep up with iJew and the Government of Yisrael (GoY) atrocities against the Palestinians. It would take hours just to inventory one week's worth of atrocities.  Fortunately, someone else is doing that better than I could.  Here are a few links:

Alison Weir's heroic efforts to stop American funding of the iJews destruction of Palestinians have consumed her life. Now (Sep|2016) her organization If Americans Knew has published an inventory of both Palestinian and Yisraeli victims since 2000, including the names of thousands of Gazans butchered by GoY's horrific and disproportional wars against Gaza. This is a digital version of the Vietnam Wall on the Mall. Please consider donating to these folks. Your money will go to a very effective campaign of billboards, ads, and speaking tours aimed at educating Americans on how their tax money is being spent on Yisraeli apartheid. 

Occupied Palestine keeps a running account of the butchery being carried out by iJew settlers. They also have a very helpful historical inventory of iJew attacks on and massacres of Palestinians back to 1938.

YAA # Date Place & Type Description Source links

I give up . . .

Sep04.12 Jerusalem

Arson, property damage, intimidation, discrimination, desecration

Now the Jews are attacking Christians, again.  Catholic monastery attacked by Jew settlers, set on fire, anti-Christian spray-paint graffiti. 

Where is Abe Foxman on this one?  As of Sep04.2012, not a mention of this on ADL website.
Sep04.12 Hebron

Assault, battery with intent to injure.

Peace activist pulled from his car and beaten by IOF as revenge for his having filmed the soldiers in a previous attack on Palestinians. Link01
Sep04.12 Gaza

Denial of livelihood

While reports of Israeli assaults, murder, and harassment of Palestinians on land is in our face daily, we tend to forget that IOF thugs are also employing these tactics, particularly denial of livelihood attacks, against Gaza fishermen.  13 Israeli attacks in the last 2 months.   Link01
Sep01.12 Nablus, West Bank

Mob assault

Five Palestinians injured when their bus was attacked by rock-throwing Jew settlers.  Linko1
Sep01.12 Nabi Saleh, West Bank
3201'00.90" N 3507'25.86" E

Attempted murder, assault with deadly weapon, 

Every week the resident Palestinians hold a peaceful demonstration at their spring.  Recently settlers from the illegal settlement of Halamish and IOF soldiers have been violently harassing this free speech b/c it is getting international attention.  This time the Jews used live ammo was used, injuring 3.  Link01
Aug27.12 Bir el Eid, south of Hebron, West Bank

Battery, assault, beating

65 year old Palestinian shepherd attacked without provocation by Jew settlers.  Hospitalized in moderate/serious condition. Link01
Aug27.12 Kiryat Ata, Israel

Racial discrimination

Jewish town passes resolution requiring Palestinians to pay a head-tax to use parks, effectively banning Palestinians from the parks.   Link01
Aug19.12 Jaffa, West Bank

Arson, terrorism, destruction of real and personal property, Judiazation attack

Settlers set fire to Yaffa Islamic Club on the day of Eid.   Link01
Aug11.12 al Luban al Sharqiya, West Bank
3204'12.00" N 3514'33.09" E

Intimidation by illegal settlers, beating, break and enter, police brutality, Judiazation attack

Settlers precipitate arrest of homeowner by attacking Palestinian home with guns and sticks.  Israeli cops come and support settlers, beat and arrest the home owner.   Link01


Aug19.12 Jerusalem

Mob violence, battery, assault, attempted murder

Four Palestinians mobbed and beaten by up to 50 Jew thugs shouting "Death to Arabs."  1 victim in serious condition.  Hundreds of Jews watched w/out doing anything to stop the attack.    Link01
Aug03.12 Beit Jala, West Bank
3142'56.13" N 3511'15.74" E

Destruction of real property, denial of livelihood, Judiazation attack

IDF bulldozers raze agricultural land.  IDF destroy Palestinian restaurant and homes.  IDF conficates 37,000 sq. meters of private Palestinian land. Link01
Aug04.12 Nablus, West Bank
3213'28.24" N 3515'40.04" E

Assault, battery, personal injury

Jew settlers throw stones in an attack of a bus carrying Palestinian worshippers returning from al-Aqsa Mosque.  Eight Palestinians injured.  Link01
Jul25.12 Bayt Awa, West Bank
3130'27.88" N 3456'59.98" E

Assault.  Destruction of property.  Unlawful arrest.

50 Isrsaeli storm-troopers raid home of Palestinian family to arrest 15 year-old boy on charges (made by Jewish settlers) that the boy was throwing stones.   Israeli goons break down the door of the family home.  Beat the boy.  Arrest  him.  Link01
Jul25.12 Near Tubus, West Bank
3219'12.17" N 3522'13.03" E

Theft of property.  Forced displacement.

Israel Occupation Forces stole large tract of land from Palestinians in 1999 for military training.  Now the land has been given to the Jewish settlement of Roi'i.  A very common tactic the Jews use to steal the Palestinian lands.  Link01
Jul25.12 Masha, West Bank
3206'25.10" N 3503'01.39" E

Property destruction, denial of livelihood, destruction of water source

Israel continued building the Apartheid Wall in Masha, about 4 miles inside the UN sanctioned West Bank border.  Destroying orchards and cutting off access to artesian well farmers rely on to irrigate crops.  Link01
120703 Jul18.12 Shebba farms, Lebanon

Attempted kidnapping, theft of property, denial of livelihood

IDF crossed into Lebanon in violation of UN Security Council resolution 1701, in attempt to kidnap two shepherds.  Failing that the soldiers stole 1000 goats, apparently for sex, judging from the people involved. Link01
120702 Jul03.12 Nazlet Zeid, Ta'nak, Rommana, near Jenin, West Bank

Kidnapping, harrassment

IDF conducted mid-night, SS-type raids on private homes, set up road-blocks, interrogated people at random, kidnapped 5 Palestinians from their homes w/out warrants Link01
120701 Jul03.12 Rafah City, Gaza

Property destruction, denial of livelihood

IDF made a dawn raid to bulldoze farmland in the southern Gaza Strip Link01
120605 Jun13.12 Beit Hanina

Property destruction, denial of livelihood

Israel demolished building holding six Palestinian stores.  Another case of Israel denying building permits in Palestinian territory and then destroying Palestinians who build.  Link01
120604 Jun13.12 Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah

Restriction of movement, harassment

Israel army has installed a  gate closing the main entrance of Nabi Saleh, depriving the residents from using the road, the only paved road that leads to the village, forcing them to use a longer, unpaved bypass road. On Jun13,12 residents broke the chains and locks and opened the gate while under IDF live fire.  Link01
120603 Jun08.12 Khirbat Farsiya, Jordan Valley

Water source destruction, denial of livelihood

Israelis confiscate water tanks used by Palestinians to provide water to live stock.  The tanks are necessary because Israel has destroyed the Palestinians' wells. Link01
120602 Jun06.12 Beit Qad, N of Jenin

Water source destruction

Israeli bulldozers destroy another Palestinian well.  Link01
120601 Jun02.12 Hebron

Beating and imprisonment 

Two Palestinians trying to move from one area in West Bank to another beaten and arrested at Israeli checkpoint.  Video shows they did nothing but ask why pregnant family member was detained. Link01
120506 May14.12 Jinba, West Bank 

Property confiscation.

Israel shuts down the only elementary school and confiscates private property in order to turn the area into a live-fire practice range. Teachers are harassed by impounding their cars.  Link 01
120505 May08.12 Ramallah, West Bank 

Property damage & confiscation. 

IDF Gestapo-raid on offices of grassroots organization Stop the Wall, which promotes civil resistance to the apartheid wall.  Office destroyed, computers and memory devices stolen, and just like the SS- in the middle of the night -- at 1:30am.   Link 01
120504 May08.,12 Beit Ula, West Bank 

Property damage, denial of livelihood. 

IDF destroy yet more trees on private land confiscated by Israel.     Link 01
120503  May07.12 Jerusalem  

Property damage. 

Testimony reveals Israeli undercover cops acting as Palestinians throw rocks at IDF soldiers to incite violence against Palestinians.    Link 01
120502  May07.12 Jerusalem

Arrests and torture. 

"Administrative detention" means Israel can hold Palestinians in prison w/out charge or trial as long as they want to.  Bilal Diab has been locked up for 9 months and Thaer Halahla for 2 years.  Both are on a hunger strike and are near death.  There are about 5000 such political prisoners and about 2000 are on hunger strike.  The Israeli Supreme Court today ruled being near death because of a hunger strike is not a reason to release them.    Link 01
Link 02
Link 03
120501  May05.12 Al-Khalil

Property damage & arrests. 

Jamila-Shalade, 47, arrested by IDF for defending her home against a home invasion by Israeli settlers.     Link 01
Apr18.12 al-Aqaba, West Bank
3220'10.43" N 3525'04.92" E

Destruction of village, school.  Displacement of residents.

IDF destroys main street of this small village with the intention of forcing residents out.  Settlers take over Palestinians' homes. Link01


Apr17.12 Betello, West Bank
3158'21.78" N 3507'22.79" E

Destruction of property.  Denial of means of livelihood

Jew settlers chopped down 250 olive trees.  Link01

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