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The Ghouta Massacre Home Page

This site is essentially a collection of tables set up in an attempt to keep the information 
organized regarding the alleged CW attack on Damascus neighborhoods on Aug21.2013.

The link below -- Murder in the SunMorgue -- is to a very comprehensive investigation 
of the "sarin myth" and the attack on Kafr Batna.

List of tables

LogoPhere Articles on the Ghouta Massacre:

Date Post
Aug24|13 How does that red-line work, anyway?
Sep04|13  Obama’s Syrian red-line: indicative of either a clueless idiot or very smart psychopath 
Sep09|13 The Gutter Grunt comes unhinged, writes Congress 
Oct11|13 Pigeon Poop On the Pump Handle: A Critique of the Report of the UN Mission to Investigate the Use of Sarin in Damascus 
Oct27|13 The Ghouta Sarin Story: Bullbleep Mountain or Veritas Valley?  Episode 1: Getting the Rocket-Dose Right
Nov09|13 CW-expert Dan Kaszeta straightens out the Gutter Grunt on the Bullbleep Mountain article 
Apr14|14 Murder in the SunMorgue: A Critique of the Sarin Myth and a Cyber-Investigation of the Ghouta Massacre Mystery
Jan02|16 Deconstructing Obama's false Syrian sarin syllogism. 
Part I:  Sourcing the sarin
Jan14|16 Deconstructing Obama's false Syrian sarin syllogism. 
Part II:  "Assad's sarin-rockets" hoax
Jan27|16 Deconstructing Obama's false Syrian sarin syllogism. 
Part III: Premise I and the Sarin Myth
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