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The Khan Sheikhoun Home Page

This site is essentially organized as a collection of tables set up in an attempt to keep the information organized regarding the alleged CW attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun (KS) on Apr04.2017.  

The site was opened Apr04|17 and is in the construction phase. Tables listed below should be functional, and, hopefully, up to date. 


List of tables

LogoPhere Articles on the Khan Sheikhoun incident:

Date Title
Apr05|17 KS Post #1: Analysis of the Shajul Islam video
Apr110|17 KS Post #2: Trump's Grenada Gambit
Apr13|17 KS Post #3: Top Ten Ways to Tell When You're Being Spoofed by False-flag Sarin Attacks

A.  Khan Sheikhoun 35 26.282' N 36 38.695' E
B.  al-Shayrat airbase 34 29.705' N 36 54.067' E


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