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Artists' Corner

Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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CW attack on Ghouta, Syria Aug21.2013

Table of Videos

An alternative listing of vids is at ALCOS

Many of the vids uploaded onto YT by the insurgents are being taken down. The links in brackets below are to archived copies in mp4 format. You may need an appropriate player to play them in your browser. VLC running in FireFox works for me. (Do not download with Downloadster, you'll get screwed.)

Vid # Description

  • Feinstein Package  (FP) -- Package prepared for Senate by Feinstein from 13 vids provided by US intelligence agency and authenticated by same.  This link is to the whole she-bang.  The following vids 001-013 are individual uploads of the FP. 



Cannot determine location

  • Vid #1 from FP  00:00 to ~00:53  
  • Jawbar. Upload: 01:49:59 GMT,  ~04:50 am local Aug21.13. [Taken down] 3mi due east of Ghutah
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • 00:01 No logo. Dark, not sure where light is coming from. Concrete floor.
  • 00:10 Man extending R forefinger.
  • 00:18 Boy black briefs, red shirt
  • 00:19 Same man looking dead in torn white shirt raises R forefinger.
  • 00:23 Hands bound w/ beige cloth. -- See vid #011
  • 01:00 End No F/U/V




Kafr Batna DarkMorgue Rm#3
  • Vid #2 from FP.   ~00:53 to ~02:22
  • E. Ghutah. Upload: 03:56:19 GMT  ~07:00 am local, Aug21.13 SHAMSNN
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • Hexagon logo – green border top, black bottom. Harsh florescent light. White tile floor.
  • Man in grey plaid. Victim 001M.  [See vid 007]
  • Man foaming
  • Same man extends L forefinger, wipes water from his face
  • Man w’ black pants/gold trim. M-007
  • More foaming, another man
  • Better shot of grey plaid. M-001
  • Girl in yellow/orange shirt w/ flower, pig tail. She is not dead. Lifts R leg.
  • End. No F/U/V. White floor – no indication of feces.
  • 00:39 moving a blue bottle.
MITSM # Rm3-a
01.09 repeater

Kafr Batna DarkMorgue Rm#3

  • Shows M-014 w/out his hands tied
  • Four men on the floor not seen in other vids.
  • Numerous workers not seen in other vids
  • Blue 44 L cylinder standing upright w/ valve handle and female connector attached.




Cannot determine location

  • Vid #3 from FP.    ~02:22 to ~03:33
  • Duma. Upload: 09:39:31 GMT, Aug21.2013 ~12:30 pm local Aug21.13 SHAMSNN 3 mi N. Ghutah
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • 02:28 Loge 4 white letters on red b’ground – "Douma City". Very dark beginning. Then florescent lit room w/ white tiles.
  • 02:48 Girl [002G] in the red sleeveless shirt staring at ceiling. She is not dead. Her eyes move. This is the vid on RT.
  • 02:56 Man w/ rigidity of both arms. May be blood stains on floor.
  • 02:59 Back to darkness – room has cinder block walls. Can’t see anything probative.
  • 03:24 Back to lit room w/ tile floor.
  • 03:33 End. No F/U/V




Cannot determine location

  • Vid #4 from FP.   ~03:33 to ~04:25
  • Darayya. Upload: 07:03:55 GMT, ~10:00 am local Aug21.13 SHAMSNN 10 mi SE of Ghutah
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • 03:38 Logo, 4 grey letters, no b’ground. Light. Showing man w/ mitosis. Respirator. Beard/moustache. The eyes in these shots do show miosis, but no inflammation. Bloody abrasion to R temple.
  • 04:16 Floor is white but not tile.
  • 04:25 End. No F/U/V




Cannot determine location

  • Vid #5 from FP. ~04:25 to ~04:57
  • E. Ghutah. Upload: 09:06:24 GMT.  ~Noon local Aug21.13 SHAMSNN
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • 04:32 Caduceus logo. More shots of mitosis w/ flashlight. Gummy eyes w/ no conjunctivitis/inflammation. Eyelids very puffy. Lips of this victim very red.
  • 04:53 This floor seems to be very similar to [4]. Definitely not the tile of [2].
  • 04:57 End. No F/U/V. All that’s shown is the boy’s eyes.


Cannot determine location

  • Vid #6 from FP. ~04:57 to ~06:57
  • Ayn Tarma. Upload: 02:17:15 GMT.  ~05:15 am local Aug21.13 SHAMSNN 3 mi SE Ghutah
  • Boy w/ red shirt, probably not victim 003B.  Moving L hand w/ forefinger extended.  
  • Good color. Not being treated. 




Kafr Batna DarkMorgue RM #3

  • Vid #7 from FP.  ~06:57 to ~07:16
  • Kafr Batna. Upload: 11:50:34 GMT. ~03:00 pm local Aug21.13 SHAMSNN 1 mi SE of Ghutah
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • 07:04 Black logo w/ green/white upper border stripes. Same sort of white tile. Man spazing, foaming.
  • 07:05 Another vicitm w/ very characteristic grey plaid pants looks like previous vid from E. Ghutah @ 01:52, [002]  In previous vid his head is aligned w/ the line of the tile. Another man at 90 degrees, head to head. It definitely looks like same guy. Absolutely the same guy. See gold ring on R hand. The sandal next to his L leg matches sandal at 01:12.






Cannot determine location

  • Source: Media Office Of Moadamiyeh
  • Vid #8 from FP.  ~07:16 to ~08:31
  • Mu’addamiya.Upload: 1300 GMT. Aug23.13  ~ [Taken down] Could not find on GE 
  • Stylistic black, red, white logo. Well lit.
  • Man, foaming on brown rug. Color good.
  • Boy next to him color very good. 
  • Beige pebbly floor.




Cannot determine location

  • Vid #9 from FP. ~08:31 to ~09:39  
  • Mulayhah. Upload: 07:09:21 GMT.  ~10:00 am local Aug21.13 SHAMSNN Could not find on GE
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • 08:39 Stylistic logo, green leaves. Well lit. Boy w/ respirator, labored breathing – does not look like muscle paralysis. Color pretty good, espc ear.
  • 09:12 Boy sitting up. Gummy R eye. Lips a bit pale but not blue. Distressed.
  • Man on L has electronic device wrapped to his R wrist.
  • 09:39 End. No F/U/V




Cannot determine location

  • Vid #10 from FP. ~09:39 to ~10:20 
  • Kafr Batna. Upload: 10:41:02 GMT. ~01:45 pm local Aug21.13 SHAMSNN
  • Same logo as #007 
  • White tile floor
  • Small boy in grey shirt, white buttons, red shorts being hand ventilated. Pale.
  • Repeats at 00:40


Also see 029 below















Kafr Batna SunMorgue

  • Vid #11a from FP. ~10:20 to ~11:48  
  • Kafr Batna. Upload: 06:05:40 GMT ~09:00 am local Aug21.13. SHAMSNN
  • Well lit, white tiled clinic.  Many victims 
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • 10:27 Same logo as [ vid 007] Very well lit, daylight group shot. Same tile floor as previous Kafr Batna.
  • 10:34 Woman w/ syringe. Mostly kids in this shot. All have good color.
  • 10:36 Man appears to have wrists bound, also w/ beige cloth.
  • 10:56 Could be urine on second man from wall.
  • 11:01 Possibly urine on man in brown tee.
  • 11:17 Presume these covered bodies are women. Amazing how few women are shown.
  • 11:37 Gunshots in background?
  • 11:42 Person in white tiger stripe shroud. L hand visible but is not visible at 10:40
  • 11:48 End. 
  • Possible urine. No F/V These people are all fully dressed. Why are all these people bending down w/ syringes etc. tending to these "dead" people? 10:27, 10:47

This scene is at the beginning of Vid 011a.






Kafr Batna SunMorgue  [Not part of the FP]

  • Vid #11b is the same place, but at at different time.  Some very important differences. 



Kafr Batna SunMorgue

Precisely the same place, almost the same camera angle, but at an earlier time before all the bodies were in place. This shot is found on the ShoutWiki site


  1. Empty syringe next to girl in pink
  2. Syrine w/ blood at R foot of child in blue
  3. Empty syringe packages.
  4. Sterile wipe package next to girl in pink.
  5. Generally, the positions of these kids are precisely the same in both pics. 
  6. Orange shirt pulled up in the above view. His/her ankles are not crossed here, they are above.
  7. The boy in the dark-striped shirt against the wall has turned his head to the R in the above view. 
  8. The girl in pink has her hand on her stomach here, behind her above.  She appears to have a mark on her L cheek above, not here.  R arms shows signs of lividity. 



Kafr Batna SunMorgue

This image found here.  



Kafr Batna SunMorgue

View of the room.  Source.






Cannot determine location

  • Vid #12 from FP.  ~11:48 to ~12:16
  • Duma. Upload: 09:53:41 GMT.  ~01:00 pm local Aug21.13. SHAMSNN 3 mi N. Ghutah
  • Men and a few children prepared for burial
  • Bright sunlight.




Cannot determine location  

  • Vid #13 from FP.  ~12:16 to end. 
  • Ghutah Upload: ~ 04:00 am local Aug21.13  MrERBEEN2011 •
  • Important vid.  Shows Victims 005, 006, 007, 008.
  • Times from Feinstein Package vid #000
  • 12:22 Logo red background, white letters, green and white splashes. Very dark. Standing man holding child. The child has evident, dark birthmark on L mid-thorax you’ve seen somewhere else.
  • 12:27 Crotch of child’s pants wet. [Likely from being washed down as per vid #015.
  • 12:41 There are subtle movements of child’s head suggesting life. Here L leg is very slightly extended. Hard to tell child's color in the poor light.
  • 12:48 Girl in yellow shirt may have stain at L side of pants, or that may be shadow.

Compilation, multiple locations
  • Cited in ISTEAMS report pg 13
  • bambuser, not YT.
  • Shows 005G and 007G in same scene as Vid 023 -- start ~15:30
  • 005 has bloody nose.
  • They are no longer against the wall but seem to be on the opposite side of room.
  • These bodies being re-positioned indicates lack of rigor.  See post 15:00
  • Many have good color.





Cannot determine location

  • Cited by ISTEAMS pg. 30. 00:42 -- but ISTEAMS has additional footage from this link that must be gone -- i.e. about the sister.
  • boy looks zonked but has good color
  • girl is victim 005G, also seen in vid 013 -- another vid shows oo7G on the table next to the wall
  • it shows what appears to be two women looking for someone




Cannot determine location

  • 015b shows victims 005G and 007G on the black tables.


Cannot determine location

  • Link is given in the HRW Sep.2013 report on Ghouta
  • Girl in green flowered dress.
  • Boy in beige pants -- clearest, if not only, indication of defecation




Cannot determine location

  • Cited by ISTEAMS Report pg 33.  01:00
  • Shows victim 006 now holding dead baby boy.
  • Shows victims 


Cannot determine location

  • Cited by ISTEAMS pg. 37.  21:03   
  • Shows wrapped bodies in what looks like a basement or warehouse.  Looks like a garage -- there's an oil change pit.  Women w/ numbers attached.  Wrapped in blankets
  • Chubby guy in mask talking into camera.  Lot of men standing around
  • Then guy in plaid shirt takes over.  He has .45 stuck in his belt.
  • People identifying bodies.
  • Old guy dressed all in white looking around, talking into the mic. 
  • 7:15 scene shifts to a different place, but the same chubby guy with the mic
  • Western looking blonde guy
  • 7:45 the guy placed between the two kids. 
  • A few kids
  • 6:38 guy w/ hands bound.
  • these bodies not wrapped -- no feces, urine, vomit.
  • they all are bona fide dead -- no injuries visible.
  • flies on the kids faces, no motion
  • no kids in the adolescent range.
  • 18:40 lifts baby to camera -- head and neck have deep pink blotches.  Head unusually large.  Rigor. 
  • Many in crowd holding their noses.
  • 20:25 scene shifts outside showing damage from falling bricks.  Light traffic. 








Cannot determine location

  • Cited at ISTEAMS Report pg. 43  
  • Claims it shows dozens of people kidnapped at Latakia.  
  • The clown talking says the hostages will be exchanged for insrugents.
  • Released by Mujhadeen party.
  • Insurgents kidnap Latakia women and children
  • Masked insurgent making demands



Mujahideen Media Brigade

Cannot determine location

Exact copy of 018a, but w/ translations.  Uploaded by pro-Assadists 



Cannot determine location

  • Inteview w/ OPCW guy Scott Carins, produced by OPCW 
  • Shows how extensively damaged the areas were, seemingly uninhabitable.  

  • RT video article on the Ghouta attack -- Sep18.2013 Maria Finoshina interview with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergy Ryabkov
  • Syria gave Sellstrom their own evidence and analysis of the Ghouta attack.  This evidence was ignored.
  • UN report is politicized and biased.
  • The way the report is written brings the reader to a conclusion that Assad was responsible.
  • Incredibly, there is a rotary dial phone on the table 




Moadamiyeh medical facility
Aug26 -- daylight -- UN Mission

  • Source: Media Office Of Moadamiyeh.  Upload Aug26.
  • Shows UN Mission entering medical facility, presumably at Moadamiyeh, which would have been Aug26
  • Described by CBS as Moadamiyeh 
  • UN guy #C-7
  • This vid shopped to CBS and all over the net.  Looks staged to me.  The one subject described by MSM of having convulsions -- BS.  This was 6 days after "exposure." 

  • RT interview w/ Angela Kane re: Ghouta attack. 






Cannot determine location

  • Related to vids 013, 016,  Vid 02 YT.jpg
  • Shows 005G and 007G from Vid 013 laid out, but not next too 008M.
  • Different source
  • The girls no longer next to wall as in Vid 016. 




  • 023b appears to be longer vid from which #023a excerpted.   

  • BBC Report  
  • CW "expert" Stephen Johnson, Cranfield Forensics Institute.
  • 00:58 "dilation of pupils" --- no, no, no Steve.  This is supposed to be a sarin attack. 



  • UN Mission examines rocket in Zamalka 
  • Part of this vid excerpted by OPCW for Vid #019
  • In-depth analysis of this impact site by Felim McMahon at Storyful
  • Coordinates 33°31'13.36" N 36°21'22.02" E





  • Taken same time/place as 026a, better view of area
  • 330 mm rocket
  • Link from HRW Ghouta report
  • Listen to audio [English]
  • W/ these two you can see cameramen filming each other





Outside - daylight

  • Second Zamalka site identified by McMahon  Storyful  and Eliot Higgins Brown Moses   
  • Coordinates 33°31'14.44" N 36°21'26.69" E
  • Water tower seen at 01:40 coordinates 33°31'21.78" N 36°21'50.79" E     
  • At 01:20 guy in black shirt goes dashing off and then seen 30 yards away walking back w/ dead passerine.  
  • This rocket could not possibly have come from same direction as the one in Vid 026 b/c the buildings block all except N and E approach. 

027b is continuation, showing red number 197 on rocked and how tall it is. Different rocket, as the vanes of this one are outside the ring.   




Cannot determine location

  • Uploaded Aug23.13    
  • Repeats itself at ~01:14
  • Title says: Very cool | | Huran | | expressing :: silent scene reflects what happened in Damascus Ghouta 08/23/2013
  • Totally staged.  
  • Dead boys with excellent color.
  • No girls or women
  • Boys seen laughing in the background 00:20 -- 00:45
  • Indicates these insurgents will stage group fraud propaganda.

  • R hand of boy in black tee, at beginning and end of vid.  Forefinger/thumb position changed; little finger more extended in second shot. 






Kafr Batna -- DarkMorgue Rm #2
This is labeled video Rm2-b in "Murder in the SunMorgue."

  • Related to vids 011a, 011b, 030   
  • Many of same victims as 011a and 011b, but in different room.
  • Shows a number of the terrorists entering the room.






Kafr Batna -- DarkMorgue Rm #1
This is labeled video Rm1-a in "Murder in the SunMorgue."

  • This vid starts the sequence of Rm #1 to Rm #2.  [Vid 030a -> 030b]
  • Green blanket and white stretcher connects Rm #1 to RM #3 via Vid 029. 
  • Same shot of boy B-005 on wooden desk, but a different man fooling with him.  




No logo


Kafr Batna -- DarkMorgue Rm #2

  • This is DM Rm #2 -- vid is exact continuation of Vid 30a.
  • Looks like the same room as 029, but different room, different people.   
  • Look at chinks in cinderblock near the brown blanket
  • Gas cylinders lying all around
  • One guy takes off a gas mask, others w/ bandanas
  • Looks like could be a lot of biological fluids
  • Fuschia Lady connects this vid to Vid 031





Kafr Batna -- DarkMorgue Rm #1

  • Nothing but boy B-005 in Rm #1 in this short clip
  • The boy connects this Rm #1 to Rm #2 via the guy with the gas mask, who is shown in Vid 30b




No logo

Kafr Batna -- SunMorgue progressing to Dark Morgue Rm #2

  • Begins with SSM, same venue as 11a but in the dark.
  • The Sun Morgue mostly empty, a mess.   
  • Feces on floor, or mud?
  • Looks like camera turns L on leaving the SSM to go down dark hall to steps down to DM
  • @01:18 going down stairs into the Dark Morgue.
  • Ends outside DM Rm #2 -- Fuchsia Lady.





No logo

Kafr Batna -- outside the SunMorgue 

  • Same street scene as the beginning of Vid 031a
  • Gives a better sense of the sidewalk area.
  • Almost a frame-by-frame match w/ 031a from 2 different cameras.






Kafr Batna -- DarkMorgue Rm #1 

  • from Petri 
  • 00:08 looks like gun on the floor  
  • unfinished basement-looking place, cinder block
  • 00:11  man in black/gold running pants, M-007
  • 00:30  man M-004 in Guinea shirt from beginning of Vid 002, hands tied
  • 00:30  photographer has strap hanging down
  • Connects Dark Morgue to vids 002/007 and Sun Morgue and them to still DM-04
  • Victim 006M from Vid 011a is at 00:00 & 0044 -- has his belt on here.
  • Shows victim M-001 






Kafr Batna -- DarkMorgue
Poor lighting 

  • Continues seamslessly from o32a   
  • Exits Rm #1 into the patio region with the brown tile where 001M is seen 00:19.
  • Victim 006M connects DM to Sun Morgue





  • Latakia kidnap victims in the truck  
  • Guard barely visible
  • Blood on truck floor at 00:18



  • Insurgents taking Latakia village   
  • Parts of this excerpted by HRW vid on Latakia Report
  • Bed where paralyzed man was murdered 
  • His mother being led to her death


Kerry Aug30.2013 address



Cannot determine location

  • Purports to show animals killed by sarin attack
  •  Kitty hiding among the goats at 01:58, probably would be dead if it were sarin




Zamalka, according to HRW report

  • Link was in HRW Sep.2013 report on Ghouta attack
  • Only 35 views as of Jan08.2014 -- says something about how many people seriously reading the HRW report.
  • Show M-001, who is shown in Dark Morgue Room #3 -- Vids 002, 007, etc.



Zamalka, according to HRW report

  • Link was in HRW Sep.2013 report on Ghouta attack
  • Also shows M-001, possibly others from KB complex
  • These could be sarin victims.


Published on Aug 20, 2013

Likely Erbin

  • This video embedded in the Sep.2013 HRW report on Ghouta.
  • Includes G-009 in lime, print dress. 



Ghouta, Jaysh al-Islam Military Parade

  • Speech of Zahran Alloush, leader of Jaysh al-Islam
  • Shows close-ups of many of these fucks: Abu Qusai, Abu Maarouf, Abu Abdul Rahman, and Alloush who is reported killed by air-strike on Dec25|15

. .
. .
. .







Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.