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--  Good cops/bad cops, mostly bad --

Baby-feeding by bust bust: Belgian diplomat discovers what NY cops are all about

Beware: insidious Sri Lankan terrorists are everywhere.

Have yaí ever heard of Metropolis Country Club in White Plains, NY?  Well, the reason I mention it is because it is run by a bunch of nematodes, as Iím about to explain in this story.  And if youíve been reading LogoPhere for any time at all, you might be guessing that thereís a bananas-for-brains cop in this story somewhere, and that would be Scott Harding of the Greenburgh PD.

According to its website, Metropolis was established in 1922. And according to the photos on its website, itís as white now as it was then. But the story I want to tell you about is not about banning blacks, itís about banning boobs.

The most common version of this story I'm about to unfold is the USA Today version  which is a dumb little piece of worthless non-reporting that just tells the part about a Belgian diplomat and his wife getting kicked out of "a members-only New York restaurant" because she began breastfeeding their daughter. Why USA Today went to the trouble, I canít figure. You have to dig for the full story.  Here it is!  Told by the NY Post:

Tom Neigens and his wife Roseline Remans live in Harlem with their baby daughter, Luka. But they are from Belgium, so theyíre white, and when they asked at Metropolis if they could have lunch there, the members-only restaurant accommodated them and seated them in a "discrete" table on the terrace. They likely got the perk of being able to chow down with NY's 1% sans bona fides because heís a diplomat, which means he can probably pay the tab. It looked like everything was cool for a pleasant lunch.

Then Roseline did the absolute unthinkable Ė right out there in a corner of the terrace in front of God (who is not a member) and two other diners (who are members), Roseline started breastfeeding Luka. BREASTFEEDING!! I mean just think of it. If thatís not an act of terrorism, then what is? But, durn, Iím getting ahead of míself.

What happened next was "a female manager swiftly intervened to nip the feeding in the bud," -- that's the way the Post described the Clubís reaction. At least the first part of the reaction. We donít know exactly how Tom and Roseline responded to the attempts to nip the feeding in the bud Ė whether Roseline acquiesced and cut poor Luka off the milk or kept feeding her according to NY state law, which makes breastfeeding legal anywhere in the state.

And the reason I tell you that is because "minutes later" the cops show up Ė and Iím talkiní Scott Harding here, a detective with the Greenburgh PD. So the question arises, why, if breastfeeding anywhere in the state is legal, were the cops called and who was the loser at Metropolis who called them?

The Post says this Harding clown came swaggering onto the crime-scene with orders to "Close the doors!!" and the two other diners were ushered off of the terrace. I donít know whether the cops put up the yellow "Do Not Cross" tape or not, but, mind you, this is NY.

According to Tom, this Harding pig accused the family of trespassing and claimed other patrons thought they were terrorists because Tom was carrying a black backpack. Now that should be enough to make you doubt whether Hardingís IQ is in the 3-digit range, but the next part will have you wondering if itís even in the 2-digit range.  Actually, it appears to be in the porcine range. 

When Roseline asked why a terrorist would breastfeed a baby in a ritzy club, this butt-head of a cop had the gall to say:

"In Sri Lanka, babies are used by terrorists."

Sri Lanka???? WTF???

The family was booted out of the Club through the back door.

I would have gone directly to a lawyerís office, but then Iím not a diplomat like Tom, and I'm not diplomatic.  I'm a lawyer.  But Tom played it cool.  Days later he wrote general manager Tracy Fraus and assít general manager Audra Vaccari a letter demanding an apology.  Now the Post doesn't tell us, but I've got a wad of bills that says one or both of these two were right in the middle of the baby-feeding by bust bust. 

Now in my book Fraus and Vaccari would have to be pretty frickiní stupid not to quickly respond to the diplomat's demand with a very sincere apology noting how beautiful the baby is and inviting them all to come back for dinner on the Club, and bring the whole Belgian embassy.  The point being that an obsequious response like that can sometimes actually head off a law suit.  But nooooooooo, not these two. They didnít respond at all, which makes me hope that the next chapter in this story is the lawsuit.  Can't wait for Luka to testify. 




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