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--  Good cops/Bad cops (and lawyers and judges) --

The San Diego Sidewalk Chalk Case: Somebody is Lying. 

Even before a jury was seated anyone with access to the Internet knew that San Diego’s city attorney, Jan Goldsmith, is high in the running for the biggest ignoranus worldwide.

And just behind him in the competition is Darell Freeman, the ex-cop who is Bank of America’sVP of Global Corporate Security.

According to the San Diego Reader  the Goldsmith-Freeman tag team prosecuted Jeff Olson, 40, for using kids' water-soluble chalk to write "Shame on Bank of America" & etc. on the sidewalk. Upon Freeman’s persistent urging, Goldsmith charged Olson with 13 major misdemeanor charges that could have resulted in 13 years in jail.  Yes . . . Goldsmith threatened the man with 13 years in jail for writing in chalk on the sidewalk.  In America.

Number three in the running for biggest ignoranus worldwide is the dick-head of a judge, Howard Shore, who ruled last week that Olson could not raise the defense of freedom of speech. And then Shore – annoyed as hell by the national media attention he so stupidly brought on himself – threw a gag order on Olson to keep him from exercising any more freedom of speech. This judge is a piece of art. A piece that should be titled: "Superfluous Stupidity in Motion."  

But fortunately the jury saw the stupidity of both the judge and the prosecutor and bounced all 13 charges. One must wonder what part the Internet played in getting this story to them before Shore’s gag order went into effect.

But here is what I find quite interesting: It looks like there’s a liar on the city’s payroll. Michael Giorgino is identified by Trent Seibert in a U-T San Diego story  as "spokesman for Goldsmith." In that article Giorgino is quoted as saying after the trial:

"Our prosecutors never treated this case as anything more than a graffiti case," he said. "As with most graffiti cases, Mr. Olson was offered reduction to an infraction after completing volunteer work service cleaning up graffiti. His refusal of that offer resulted in the trial and his successful defense."

Well, the part about the prosecutors treating the case as nothing more than a "graffiti case" hardly surprises because they were obviously too stupid to see that it was a 1st Amendment case. The judge was too stupid, too.  We know that because he banned Olson from raising a 1st Amendment defense. 

But the part of Giorgino’s statement that caught my eye, as it was intended to do, was the offer Giorgion says was made to Olson. That makes Olson look like the dork here because, if all he had to do to avoid trial was to clean up his chalk marks, then he would have been a dork not to do so.

But who is the dork? On the strength of an Alternet article by William Boardman dated Jul04.2013, it looks like Giorgino was lying -- the deal offered to Olson was nothing like what Giorgino told the press.

The first offer was that Goldsmith drops the case if Olson:

  • Serves 32 hours community service. 
  • Attends 8-hour seminar on corrective behavior.
  • Pays BoA $6,299.
  • Waives all 4th Amendment rights – meaning the cops could harass him interminably.
  • Surrenders his driver’s license for 3 years.

IOW, this is a ya’ gotta’ be shittin’ me offer. I don’t know how Olson’s lawyer responded to this "offer," but I would have told Goldsmith which of his orifices is most deserving of it.

But then came the second KMA offer:

  • Olson pleads guilty to one count of vandalism.
  • Serves 3 years probation.
  • Pays unspecified restitution to BoA.
  • Spends 24 hours cleaning up graffiti
  • Surrenders his driver’s license for 2 years.

Giorgino’ statement to the press that the deal offered Olson was " reduction to an infraction after completing volunteer work service cleaning up graffiti," if that is in fact what he said and all that he said, can only be interpreted as a lie because it is as much a lie to withhold relevant and necessary information as it is to give false information.

So here’s the overall box-score as I see it at the end of the trial: 

  • Judge Shore looks like an ignoranus. 
  • Jan Goldsmith looks like an ignoranus. 
  • Darrell Freeman looks like an ignoranus. 
  • BoA looks like a bank for ignoranuses. 
  • Michael Giorgino looks like a lying ignoranus. 
  • Jeff Olson looks like a First Amendment hero.

An ignoranus, BTW, is a stupid ass-hole.

Of course, the box-score has to include the fact that Olson and the city are both out a wad of cash for attorney fees. But as Olson said:

"The jury sent a real strong message that the First Amendment is alive and well in San Diego," Olson said. "You have the freedom of speech, you should use it. Freedom of speech should be part of our daily lives and our culture." 

Thank you, Mr. Olson.  And if you'll tell me how I can contribute to your legal fees, I certainly will. 



Copyright, Denis O'Brien, 2005-2016 ~ ~ All rights reserved.