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What did you think I was going to say????

As happens quite often over at the anti-Israel site, Mondoweiss, where I hang out a lot, Phil Weiss shit-canned another of my ribald comments. Actually, also he shit-cans a lot of my comments that are not ribald – any comment, in fact, that tends to blow too much smoke into the Mondoweiss echo-chamber.

The article in question was a fascinating expose’ posted by Phil of Hilary Clinton’s role in the outrageous Marc Rich pardon on Jan20.2001, as the Clintons were going out the door of the WH.  Even more fascinating than the article were the comments, as always. What developed in the comments section was a story of a wealthy Jewish crook being protected by Israelis intervening with the FBIdiots and the Clintons.

My first contribution to the discussion came on Jul12.2013 at 11:14am, Mondoweiss time. Phil let this one through. After one commenter reflected that H.W. Bush was the only president to ever put pressure on cutting the US’s outrageous annual pork barrel aid to Israel over the settlements, I suggested:

Ex-presidents almost always look better the farther down the timeline we get, and I don’t think any example of that is clearer than H.W. — but Truman and Kennedy may be counter-examples. History even seems to be giving Bill a bye on converting the Oval Office into the Oral Office — how the crowds loved him at the last Dem convention.

Even W is beginning to look like a Ghandi next to Peace Prize laureate Obama. Compare W’s stand on principle in not scrubbing Scooter Libby’s criminal record with Obama’s complete lack of principle on any issue.

Prediction: Pollard will be Obama’s Mark Rich — the Democrats’ gift to AIPAC. Unlike Bill, Obama can deliver Pollard w/out splashing the poo on Hill.

A regular commenter "Woody Tanaka" took issue with my Oral Office point, saying that "[m]ost people, all but the radical right wingers in control of the GOP, knew that the Clinton sex stuff was a big, fat nothing, ginned up by the conservatives." My response to that [which has not been published] was:

Perfect, Woody. A concise appraisal of that debacle by one of the very Clinton apologists I was implicitly referring to.

Even if, as I suspect, that whole Oral Office event was a set up, it still happened. The DNA made sure that neither WC nor his apologists can deny that. Having happened, it tells us all we need to know about the creep’s morals.

The problem is that Monica over-shadowed Paula. We tend to forget that at the time Clinton was on the griddle for having the state troopers bring Paula Jones to his room while he was governor and trying to intimidate her into sex. For a man with that much power over a woman’s job to pull a stunt like that, well . . . that was more than sufficient cause for criminal charges. It was attempted rape.

Don’t know what happened to all the liberal fems over that whole thing. Not a peep out of them. Imagine if it had been Reagan, Bush I, Bush II. Whew!

Later in the exchange of comments, "ToivoS" put up a link to an absolutely dynamite Counter Punch article by Jeffrey St. Clair demonstrating that Hil was instrumental in the Marc Rich pardon.  That St. Clair article is loaded with enough poop on both Clintons that it could end their hopes for another long stay at the WH. 

For instance St. Clair goes into details of Rich’s ex, Denise Rich and her friend Beth Dozoertz making a call on Bill at the WH to plead (and offer favors?) for Marc’s pardon. My comment in response – which got axed by Phil – was:

Oh, that St. Clair piece is beautiful, but his hour-by-hour timeline is probably screwed.

He says that at 5:30pm on Jan20.2001 Denise Rich and Beth Dozoretz were admitted to the private quarters of the WH to make a last second appeal to Clinton for Marc’s pardon. Bush was sworn in at, what?, noon on Jan20, so Clinton could not have pardoned Rich at 5:30 pm b/c Clinton wasn’t the president at that time, but I’m not sure what the rules are for out-going presidents undermining the law. Maybe they have a 24 hour grace period.

But also in the next paragraph St. Clair says Clinton got a call at 2:30 am on Jan20 from NSA advising on Rich’s international arms smuggling and nevertheless Clinton signed the pardon, later claiming he was sleep deprived. So this sounds like Clinton would have had to have signed the pardon hours before 5:30 pm on Jan20 when St. Clair says the visit occurred. We always get this line "hours before leaving office" with respect to the Rich pardon, but I’ve never seen a precise time put on it.

St. Clair also misses a huge opening that I can’t let get by. Denise Rich and Beth Dozoretz, beautiful, wealthy Jewish women, desperate for a favor from Bill, meeting with him off the record and in private in the WH private quarters. Obviously, they were desperate enough to get down on their knees and . . . . . beg.

What did you think I was going to say?

Yeah, Phil, what did you think I was going to say?


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