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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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--  MSM --

When rich Jews don't make the news.


OK, we all know how the Jewish media can cut your head off and hand it to you on a platter if you cross a line. Ask Mel Gibson about that. Or Helen Thomas. Or Michael Moore. Or Chuck Hagel.

But what is harder to come by are stories of how the Jewish press can protect eminent Jews from public scorn. And the reason these stories are so hard to come by is because, well . . . the Jewish press is protecting them from public scorn.

How about the 2006 case of Jacob Frenkel, the chairman of JPMorgan Chase, prior vice-chairman of shamed AIG, prior Chairman of Merrill Lynch, and prior Governor of the Bank of Israel.  Did you hear about Frenkel getting busted in the HK airport on suspicion of pinching a bottle of perfume from the duty-free shop?  CNN? ABC? HuffPo? WaPo? Hullllo . . . the chairman of JPMorgan gets busted for shoplifting and nobody wants to talk about it????  Like, WTF? 

Well, donít feel lonely if you didn't get the news, nobody else did either.   One of the biggest fish in the ugly global finance pond gets detained for shoplifting and nary a word is printed, until now, 7 years later.

Thatís the power of the j-MSM to protect their own. Ironically, it is Haaretz, the mod-left Israeli rag, that is blowing the horn on Frenkel now that he has been nominated for another term as the head of the BoI. Most of Haartez is behind a paywall, but this article is available free. 

What we know from Haaretz and other Israeli sources is that CCTV footage showed what looked enough like shoplifting that the cops were called and they detained Frenkel and a female companion. There is, apparently, no public record as to whether Frenkel was taken to the can, but we know he wasnít able to leave HK until the next day Ė after the Israeli consul "intervened." The matter has been referred to the Israeli attorney general for further investigation before Frenkel can be confirmed.

Here is Frenkelís side of it:

This is an incident which took place seven years ago, and which ended in nothing. The local authorities in Hong Kong reached the conclusion that this was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and expressed their apology and their appreciation that I did not sue them for compensation. I expect to take office as Governor of the Bank of Israel in early October, after my appointment is approved by the Turkel Committee and the Israeli government. I see this as a national duty for the benefit of the economy and the state.

An unfortunate misunderstanding . . . hmmm. Thatís what Lindsay Lohan called her shoplifting bust, too.  It's the first thing most people would say in that situation.  What is really "unfortunate" is all those pesky, nosy CCTV cameras, none of which are Jewish. 




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