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Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Sum Ting Wong at KTUV -- where the hell is FOX?

KTUV banana-brain Tori Campbell

The now famous spoofed KTUV Jul12.2013 report on the names of the pilots of the Asiana flight 214 that skidded to a stop on the SF tarmac is being scrubbed from the Internet by the station, but it's still available

Like the rest of the world, I was totally incredulous not so much that the names made it to Tori Campbell's tele-prompter, but that anyone could be so impossibly thick as to not see from the first syllable that "Captain Sum Ting Wong," "Wi Tu Lo," "Ho Lee Fuk," and "Bang Ding Ow" were obviously some sort of pubescent joke.  Campbell's reading the names out to millions of viewers set a new record for televised human stupidity.    

But, of course, the cock-up wasn't all hers to claim.  Equally unbelievable is the incompetence of the KTUV staff who prepared the graphic and the teleprompter script.  In contrast, LogoPhere, a lowly blog with no resources and no staff, was able to correctly identify the pilot  two days prior to Campbell's debacle -- I mean, c'mon, the pilot's name was out there all over the blogosphere and MSM, and it wasn't Sum Ting Wong. 

Now we learn that under threat of a lawsuit by Asiana the honchos of KTUV have orchestrated a Bang Ding Ow massacre -- they have fired three producers over this mess according to HuffPo, which cites Rich Liberman.  I don't see any reports of Campbell's pretty head rolling.   

But while I can understand and appreciate gross, possibly negligent, incompetence and its repercussions, what I can't understand is why  FOX is being shielded from the fan-splattered BS.  I mean, KTUV is a FOX station -- in terms of market size, it it the largest FOX affiliate not owned directly by FOX.  And yet virtually nobody says a word about FOX in this SNAFU.  For example:

  • HuffPo does not mention FOX in today's report on the massacre.
  • HuffPo's source, Rich Liberman, doesn't either.  
  • The Examiner said nothing about FOX when it reported the fuck-up.
  • Nor did Forbes.
  • Nor the Daily News.

OK, OK . . . part of the problem is that KTUV does not identify itself with FOX on its website.  And there is no FOX logo in the YouTubes of Campbell blindly walking into the Ho Lee Fuk shit-storm. But any competent news organization certainly should have the wherewithal to run a Wiki on KTUV or a quick google -- either one reveals the FOX connection.  

When CNN's Jonathan Mann said man has hunted dildos into extinction, news outlets all over the country -- such as the Daily News -- were all over CNN for the cock-up.  So how was FOX able to avoid being connected to Campbell's 10x worse screw-up? 

Ho lee fuk, there's sum ding wong with this is all I can say.  






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