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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Monday Morning Short-takes

Cop w/ taser

Ugly Cops Story #1: 95-yo man killed by taze-happy cop.
Chicago.  Note this story has been all over the Internet -- it is based on just the cops' version of what went down.  Smells rancid.  Any teenage girl could take down a 95-yo man, even if he did have a knife.

Barney Fife

Ugly Cops Story #2: Dumbass cops raid the wrong house, kill 72-yo man -- sorry, bad lighting.
Fort Worth.  Cops are stupid.  Cops are cowards.  Cops are armed.  What's new?

Pikes contact info

Ugly Cops Story #3:  Remember John Pike?  He's more of a dumbass than even I realized. 
UC Davis.  In April 2012 I characterized this  guy as a "stupid-malicious-criminally-negligent-perp-that-needs-to-be-disciplined-sued-and-excoriated."  That was an understatement.  Now he's seeking compensation for being all of the above. 

USDC judge Fischer

Ugly Cops Story #4:  SWAT slime-cops in hot water for pulling 10-yo boy out of a bath-tub.
Pittsburgh.  They thought they were going to dodge the lawsuit on a technicality.  USDC judge Nora Barry Fischer gives them an idea of the shit-storm they are about to enter.  Fischer's opinion on motion to dismisss. 


Ugly Cops Story #5:  Somehow the police informant who planted the coke managed to get away.
Schenectady.  Ask Schenectady Sheriff Dagostino how it was possible that thier informant was tipped off that he was going to be busted for planting coke on the guy Dagostino's pigs arrested.  Would just be interesting to hear his response.  Video of the drug plant here.

Doing dishes

Ugly Cops Story #6:  SWAT slime-cops totally fuck innocent family
Sarasota.  Target woman doing dishes through her window, bust down the door, take down woman, bust up the house.  Wrong address.  No sorry, no accepting responsibility for being the brain-ded pigs they are.  Lawsuit time.





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