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by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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--  Israel & the Middle East --

IDF troops losing legs in Lebanon?

Fly to: 33°05'45.02" N 35°08'57.60" E  

When you get just a smattering of news regarding Israel attacking its neighbors, you know something is up. The i-media in the US normally won’t report such violations of international law until the reports reach a crescendo in the goyim news. As of Aug07.13, 2pm PDT, you still have to dig a bit to find this story.

Try RT (temp page), al Jazeera, Israel National News.

It appears that late last night an IDF patrol tripped a landmine 400 meters inside Lebanese territory, near the town of Naqoura. Four are reported wounded, three still in hospital. No one has said how big the patrol was. Only the IDF would know that and they ain’t sayin’ much.

IDF guys getting blown up in Lebanon, now that’s interesting because that’s what land mines are for – taking the legs off of people. But most of the land mines in this area were left by the IDF. So if these IDF guys lost legs in Lebanon by tripping a land mine left by their own forces – ya’ gotta’ wonder if there’s some cosmic justice going one.

RT says the area of this latest IDF fuck-up is Labbouneh, which may be shown on GE as Labboune 33°05'45.02" N 35°08'57.60" E . 

If so, there’s nothing in that area w/in 400 m. of the Blue Line but scrub. The area is about 2 crow miles from Naqoura. The closest building is about 1 mile away. Who knows where these IDF pricks were headed.

Israel constantly violates the borders of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt. They think they have an existential right to violate any international law they want. I am afraid that some day Israel's self-perceived existential right is going to blow up in their face and that will be the end of Israel.

Also interesting is the Israeli media conspiracy theory that Obama is so biffed at GoI attacks on its neighbors that he, personally, is promoting leaks of these breaches of international law.  




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