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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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--  Potpourri  --

The Gutter Grunt’s Poop Your Panties Potpourri

Mix some serious naval incompetence with a super-sonic cruise missile and whatdya’ have?

●    You knew one of India’s subs sank while tied to the dock, killing 18 and broadcasting to the world India’s incompetence in operating subs.  
●    And you knew, of course, that India  has a stockpile of nukes. 
●    But did you know that earlier this year India tested its first sub-launched supersonic cruise missile?  
    ○    Add two and two and poop your panties.   

Obama bites back as Erdogan points finger at Netanyahu over Morsi ouster – the area is inching toward cross-border war

●    The Egyptian military coup-meisters, Israel, and USG are pulling a triple tag-team against Turkey’s screaming foul ball over the Morsi ouster. 
    ○    Times of Israel  report that Istanbul, who has been a Morsi supporter, has recalled its envoy to Egypt
    ○    RT  reports Erdogan has now accused GoI of complicity in the coup. 
    ○    USG, ever the defender of GoI’s constant feisty farts and foreign faux pas, has stepped in to “strongly condemn” Erdogan’s accusations. 
●    ITMT the military coup-meisters killed 36 Morsi supporters that had been taken prisoner.  Originally they said the Morsi guys were shot while trying to escape.  Then the story was they were killed when tear gas was thrown into the van taking them to prison and they suffocated.  A third story was that they were actually at the prison when they were killed.
    ○    This will be the camel-back-breaking straw for Sisi and his military thugs.  GoI, which has no ethics and no conscious, can support this sort of butchery, but not USG, at least not that its now out in the open. In Nov.2001 the Bush administration was complicit in a similar mass killing in the Afghanistan Sasht-i-Leili desert when 7500 Taliban prisoners were sealed in shipping containers and hundreds or thousands suffocated or were shot.  We still don’t know the number.  The cover-up was huge and involved USG.  See here for links
●    ITMT Assad is laughing his ass off because GoI needs Turkey and Turkey needs GoI in order to take out Assad. 
    ○    In March it looked like that sort of unholy alliance could happen when the two kissed and made up after GoI apologized for killing 9 Turks on the Mavi Marara in 2010.
    ○    Maybe not. 

Yup, we’ll say it again: the Colorado River is drying up.  The scary thing is: golf will not be affected in AZ.   

●    Dennis Wagner of the Republic reports that Bureau of Reclamation is finally beginning to reduce water releases from Lake Powell
    ○    worst drought in 100 yrs.
    ○    the Lake Powell water release is going down from 8.23 M acre-ft to 7.48 – lowest release since the lake filled.
    ○    there could be 20% decrease delivery to AZ agriculture, but delivery to golf courses will not  be affected.
●    AZ is “prepared”
●    Yeah. . .

Dead dolphins up and down the East Coast   DM Jun21.13   Nadia Drake, Wired, Jul11.13

●   54 bottlenose dolphins dead in Indian River Lagoon, FL since Jan.  Daily Mail  Wired
    ○    Largest dolphin die off in Fl history.
    ○    In Apr there was a mass manatee die-off as well – 112.  Also 300 pelicans.
    ○    Fly to:  27°51'17.18" N  80°29'19.79" W
●    At Va Beach, Virginia 25 dead dolphins found in just one weekend  Wavy
    ○    Total for the year so far: 164.
    ○    It is beginning to look like an inter-species epidemic, although the pelicans would be something else. 
    ○    In 1987-88 a morbillivirus called phocine distemper virus (PDV) caused a major kill-off of  huge numbers of harbor seals all over the world.  A second epidemic occurred in 2002.  At about the same time  Cetacian morbillivirus – a very close cousin of PDV – killed 740 dolphins in Va. Beach.  This virus was first seen in N. Ireland.   Link
    ○    Both of these viruses are related to measles and canine distemper.  These types of viruses attack the brain and cause demyelination.   Canine distemper is the animal model for multiple sclerosis, a delyelinating disease thought to be caused by an unknown virus.
    ○    There are dots here but by the time they're connected it'll be too late.

Evil scientists Ron Fouchier and Yoshihiro are at it again   USAtoday Aug07.13   

●    In Feb.2012 I pitched a bitch over these two idiot virologists taking the avian flu virus H5N1, which is deadly to humans, and making it even more deadly – and wanting to publish their results and methods to the world, as in the Taliban.
●    Well, they’re baaaack.  Instead of working on the dolphin virus problem, these same two dolts are trying to make another monster bird virus, this time with H7N9. 
    ○    So the plan is – listen up, guys – we take this deadly virus with limited ability to spread human-to-human and we shuffle its DNA and change a couple of genes around until was have a strain that can easily transmit between humans.  Now, it’s deadly as hell, but at least we can make a vaccine to it.
    ○    This like the evil people who ran the Manhattan Project after they murdered 100,000 Japanese justifying continuing their madness by saying a few nukes will give people an excuse to build bomb shelters. 


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