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--  Potpourri  --

A couple of follow-ups 

Just a couple of follow-ups for stories over the last year or so.   A nasty i-Jew Army dude takes a hike, and a woman wrongly convicted by a couple of Arizona rattlesnake-turds for killing her son walks out of prison. 

Last year I reported extensively on Shalom Eisner the Cossack IDF officer filmed busting an unarmed Dutch peace-protester in the face with an M16. Here. Here. I also reported a month later that the IDF transferred Eisner to a new position training new recruits, if anyone could possibly believe it.

Well, it looks like this violent i-Jew has been volunteered out of the IDF. In a plea bargain, Eisner has agreed to leave the IDF in return for the nothing-conviction of unauthorized action and of conduct unbecoming an officer. The Israeli papers are not telling us whether he keeps his pension.


In May there was the story out of Phoenix well, out of San Francisco actually, where the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals sits about Court of Appeal Judge Alex Kozinski going ballistic over the lying Phoenix cop Armando Saldate and the duplicitous Maricopa County prosecutor Noel Levy who, it now appears, jacked-up a false conviction against Debra Milke and sent her to death row in 1989.

As ordered by Kozinski, Milke was freed on $250,000 bail and driven through the gates of the prison yesterday by her attorneys, Mike Kimerer and Lori Voipel, who have handled this case brilliantly. 

And those two rattlesnake turds who sold this case to the jury Saldate and Levy?  They are looking at the very real possibility of a federal prosecution and possible time in federal prison for themselves.  We can only hope so.  Here's the NBC report and one by Paul Huebl.  

In the mean time, Maricopa County has to decide whether or not to re-try Milke without the tainted evidence they used the first time around.  I said it in May; I'll say it now: not a chance. 



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