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Murder in the SunMorgue
by Denis O'Brien, PhD

Who killed hundreds of Syrian children in Ghouta, Aug21|2013? How, and why?

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Holy F*ck!! Pope virtually legalizes pedophilia in the Vatican

Iím no Richard Dawkins-type over-the-edge atheist willing to trash all religion just because I donít see the point in it. I am not going to trash other people's beliefs, and rituals, and mass-moronity just because I donít care to participate. But even in my most liberal moments I have never been able to understand how hundreds of millions of Catholics can be so dim-witted as to support such a slimy institution as the Catholic Church with its slithering pedophiles like Robt. Brennan, the Philly priest who has just been busted on allegations of  raping an alter boy over four years.  I have never been a Catholic, but a large part of my family is, and many of my friends are, and I have lived in Boston. And still I donít get it.

Had I been born a Catholic, all it would have taken for me to flip-off the church would have been the first case in which an archdiocese covered up the child abuse of a priest or nun. These human beings are disgusting, and the parishioners who support them and allow their own children to be abused by these perverts are just as disgusting. If this sort of rampant, universal perversion were found infecting any other institution, such as the US government, people would assume that it goes all the way to the top, and they would likely be right. And that is precisely what I presume with the pedophilia in the Catholic Church Ė it goes right to the top. This presumption is more than supported by recent revelations from the so-called Vatileaks Scandal and Gianluigi Nuzziís book His Holiness: The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI. These are not nice people.  Nicer people than these you can find in the San Quentin mess hall.  

And now more overwhelming evidence is in. According to Justin Dodd reporting for NewsLo  Pope Francis has brought the ancient 1889 Vatican legal system "up to date" by passing new laws that: 1) make sex with children illegal, and 2) make it illegal to report such crimes. To me it is axiomatic that only a pedophile would pass a law making it illegal to blow a whistle on pedophiles.

The new law against pedophilia applies within the Vaticanís jurisdiction, but, presumably, the law against reporting such crimes applies to reporting to any authority Ė such as the Italian police. Presumably, a pedophile violates the law prohibiting reporting pedophilia by confessing his own perversions to the cops and pleading guilty. Furthermore, clergy and staff within the Vatican are forbidden by threat of imprisonment from cooperating with police investigations of pedophilia within the Vatican. This is about as sick as it gets, and all of you Catholics are supporting it.

Dodd quotes Fabrizio Perona, a reporter for Italyís La Republica, who said it this way:

"They just thought nobody would notice. The Church wants to impress the world by getting tough on sex crimes, but they criminalized leaks, which is the only way anybody would ever discover their crimes. Itís genius, if you stop and think about it."

Speaking of the churchís pervision going to the top, there is this bone-chilling admission by Vatican foreign minister Monsignor Dominique Mamberti 



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