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John Pike collects his $38,000 kewpie doll  

Well, itís time to weep for poor John Pike, the low-life skunk-cabbage UC Davis pig who became famous strutting back and forth in front of a line of sitting, unarmed, non-violent protestors, spraying them directly in the face with pepper spray, as I discussed here, and here Now we find out that Pike, poor baby, could not take the stress and strain that comes with being outed as Americaís most disgusting pig.  He has just been awarded $38,000 compensation for "depression and anxiety." This was in addition to 8 months of paid vacation while UC decided to can his fat ass.

As I said earlier, from one Marine to another, dude youíre a fricking disgrace to the Marine Corps.

According to Wiki the 21 students each received just $30,000 in the settlement of a class-action lawsuit. I know of no personal suits against Pike. The Yolo DA said he didnít have sufficient evidence to prosecute Pike. Yeah, OK, a video seen by 12 million people of the prick shooting peaceful protestors in the face with pepper spray point-blank is not sufficient evidence for felony battery. 

Cops taking care of cops . . . the beat goes on. 




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