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The UK "Daily Fail": Gratuitous stupidity in every issue   



It's not that have any thing personally against the editors of the Daily Mail.  I don't even know who they are.  It's just that they are so consistently lame it boggles the mind that they can even get out of bed and brush their teeth, much less run a national news rag.  Here are some more examples of their gratuitous stupidity:

Oct19.2013: Mail Online front page  

The DM often repeats articles multiple times on the Online front page, presumably b/c the editors don't even read their own work.  But this placing the same article next to itself is taking editorial blindness waaay too far. 

And note the same number of comments in each article.  What a coincidence.

Well, that's embarrassing . . . a rag that regularly bitches about grammatical fails in others edited by grammatical dolts.  A few examples: 

Oct16.2013: Mail Online, front page


Sep25.2013: Mail Online, front page


Sep24.2013: Mail Online, front page


Sep04.2013: Mail Online, front page 

Still trying to master the pronoun antecedent rule most people learned in 7th grade.


Sep03.2103: Mail Online, front page

Which raises two basic questions: Are there any cities that are not in the world? and Does anyone at the DM know the difference between a restrictive and a non-restrictive clause?  BTW, the story headline with this article itself was  "Inside the Victorian reservoir which supplied fresh water to the people of Liverpool and was one of the first of its kind in the world"

Oct04.2013: Lizzie Edmonds, Mail Online

Did you see the story about the dog that bit the man?  OK, well, how about the story about the dumb-ass 17 yo girl who got a tattoo?  I mean, WTF, we'll turn anything into "news" if there's a dollar to be made. 

Aug24.2013: Mail Online, front page

Them "calculated criminals" gotta' be the worst, judge for "your self."

Jun23.2013: Mail Online, front page

You'll have to figure this one out

Jun11.2013: Mail Online, front page

A clever headline raises questions that the reader will pay money for to get answered.  Here the questions are "Did what?" and "Whose ovary and appendix was it, the mother's or the baby's?"  Read the story, it's far more tragic than the headline. 

Jun11.2013: Laura Collins, Mail Online

100 - 44 = 12.  It's called "DM math"  Article 

Greater yet was the proportion of crimes of violence – rape, murder, manslaughter and assault which accounted for 44 per cent of the force’s workload. The remaining 12 per cent were crimes such as robbery, housebreaking and riot.

Jun10.2013: Sara Smith, Mail Online

'scuse me, Ms. Smith, but New Mexico is land-locked and Cabo is 600 miles away.

DM Caption: "Whirlpool: A diver on the seabed in Cabo, New Mexico, works next to a huge shoal of fish who swirl around each other"




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