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Alison Weir -- knockin' a few of Uncle Abe's teeth loose

Alison Weir is one of my favorite humans of all time.  Uncle Abe Foxman is near the top of my "Most Rationally Despised" list.  It's not because of who they are -- I don't know either one personally -- it's about what they stand for.  Weir is out there -- traveling all over the country -- telling Americans about how their precious tax money is being wasted on the racist, apartheid, disgusting government of Israel.  Foxman, on the other hand is the incarnate definition of "mal-Semite."  Under the guise of making the world a less vicious place, he attacks those who are most successful in pointing out how vicious the i-Jews are.  

Alison made me green with envy by making Foxman's Top Ten List of Anti-Israel Groups -- I think her group If Americans Knew/Council for the National Interest has made the list a number of years running. [Sorry.  I don't link to Foxman's bullshit, so you'll have to Google that list on your own if you want to see it.]

After making the Anti-Israel list this year, Alison sent Uncle Abe a little THANK-YOU NOTE in which she lets him have it full in the choppers, , figuratively, of course, which I endorse 100%.  Alison's letter is published by Counterpunch.   

Send her group some cash -- they need it.  I don't know of anyone else doing so much to tell Americans how the i-Jews and Israel-First politicians are ripping Americans off.  Israel will never stop screwing the Palestinians until Americans stop supporting Israel with weapons and gold or until Israel runs the Palestinians out of Palestine completely. 





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