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The UK "Daily Fail": Gratuitous Stupidity, Part II  

It's not every month I have the honor and obligation of going after the Daily Mail twice in one week, but my backlog of Daily Fail goofs is getting out of hand.  Here's a few more, and just to show you I have no bias, a few other MSM brain-ded editor goofs are included. 

DM, Sep02.2013

Right in the middle of the tense war-mongering by Obama and Kerry against Assad, Anthony Bond and David Martosko of the DM ran a story on how Kerry had been sucking up to Assad years ago.  They ran this photo, as did about every other MSM outlet.  But it was the DM's caption on the front page that set it apart from all the rest.

Never mind the factual BS about leaning in and appearing in deep conversation.  Never mind the sexist "as their wives look on."  What caught my eye was the absolutely vital detail that there was a waiter.  Like, WTF?  We've got the world on the verge of WWIII and this twit of an editor is drawing our attention to the freaking waiter???  

But it gets better: not just any waiter, here.  Ho, no.  This waiter is delivering green drinks.  (And if you look closely, they have straws!!  Never a good sign.)  And most worrisome of all is the indisputable fact that those drinks "appear to look like cocktails."  It's not that they look like cocktails, or that they appear to be cocktails.  This is more serious -- they appear to look like cocktails, and that is a whole different thing, especially when it comes to detente. 

DM, Oct29.2013, Richard Shears

Unfortunately, in this case "despearte" got the better of them. Story

RT, Aug09.2013

This is, by definition, not "without incident." Story

"At least four people were dead and possibly four more were wounded in two separate but related shootings in Dallas and DeSoto Wednesday night. Dallas police responded to a shooting call in the 7100 block of Long Canyon Trail in Dallas and found four gunshot victims, two of whom were deceased, NBC 5 reported. The suspect in that shooting then fled to DeSoto and was involved in a second shooting scene in the 100 block of Galleria Drive, where officers found another four people shot, two of whom were deceased. DeSoto police took the suspected shooter into custody without incident."

DM, Aug21.2013

And then there was this lucky bastard who just found out that his solicitor has backed off:

"The 59-year-old comedian, who is due to perform in Torquay tonight, spoke out for the first time after being told that he will not be prosecuted by his solicitor."

Salon/AP, Jul03.2013 Story

If you were thinking editorial brain-dedness is strictly a British trait . . . nope.  


Daily Times of Delaware, Jul03.2013, Jenny DeHuff

"Dispending medications" has gotta' be good for 10 years, but writing a phrase like "unqualified to do none of it" has to be good for 20.

"Prosecutors said Gullickson and Laing performed risky operations like root canals, tooth extractions, installing crowns and braces, taking X-rays, dispending medications and injecting numbing agents, while unqualified to do none of it."

DM, Jul05.2013, Steve Robson

Given the DM's constant attacks on those -- mostly immigrants -- whose English is less than perfect, I can't help but call the world's attention to the fact that these DM people wouldn't know proper English if it sat up in their porridge bowl and spat in their face.  This is inexcusable. 

"His wife and daughter was questioned after an investigation by the Department of Work and Pensions."

DM, Jul02.2013, front page photo caption.

Once more now . . . she faces how many years?

"Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun, 46, (pictured) is accused of stealing 164 pieces including diamond bracelets, rings and pendants from the New York luxury brand. She faces up to 20 years in jail if found guilty. She faces up to 30 years in jail if found guilty. Lederhaas-Okun was arrested at her home in the upmarket community of Darien, Connecticut. The 46-year-old has been charged with wire fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property."

DM, Jun30.2013, Rosie Taylor

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie . . . how many times we gotta' tell you, girl, just because two people are lovers doesn't mean they're having an affair.  And, BTW, was Crymble jailed for 20 years with Ferguson, or did she kill the husband with Ferguson.  And one last thing, dear: when you graduate from middle school to high school, will the DM give you a raise?  Story.

Reuters, Jun18.2013, John Shiffman/Kirstina Cooke/Mark Hosenball  Story

It's a weird way to "peak" if you ask me.

MSNBC, Jun13.2013, Tracey Jarett Original story has been cleaned up.

When the cops tell you to evict your car, you better damn well comply, even if you have no idea what they're talking about. 

DM, Jun17.2013, front page

Another damn blade snaps off in north London.

DM, Jun18.2013, front page

But as to those who lacked capacity in 2012, no problemo, no charge.

"Henretta Offae (left) and Titilago Ajala (right) both deny 19 charges - one for every resident affected - of ill treatment or neglect of a person who lacks a capacity in 2011."




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