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The UK "Daily Fail": Gratuitous Stupidity, Part III  

The Daily Mail is a never-ending stream of editorial embarrassment and journalistic incompetence.  Here's another post dedicated entirely to "The Daily Fail."

DM, Oct31.2013.  Front Page

OK, one more time . . . where did he post the video?


Three from DM, Nov03.2013, Front Page






Two from DM, Nov04.2013, Front Page



[2]  Walnut.  Hickory.  Same thing . . .

DM, Nov09.2013, Front Page

The "girl" was a 29-yo black woman. 


Bonus Day!  Five from DM, Nov12.2013, Front Page








[4]  Let's hope Lexi helped Katerina get over those difficult problems.


[5]  Not only that, it was on a motorway. 




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