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This Thanksgiving Jon Stewart gives thanks for the Ford dawg and phony show

Without Anthony Weiner to kick around anymore the MSM comedy-hyenas, led by Jon Stewart and the SNL crowd were understandably restless. Two months is a long time to go without fresh meat. But then the Rob and Doug Ford dawg and phony show appeared on the horizon and the hyenas knew they were in for a feast.

The unasked, but essential, question

But in spite of mountains of news articles, I have searched and searched the BlogoSphere trying to the answer to the most salient question of all in this debacle, and I have come up empty. Here is the question everyone is asking, at least everyone, south of Toronto, west of Vancouver, and east of St. John’s:

WTF is with these crazy Canucks?

I mean, I live in Canada, fer chrizsake. I even have Canadians for neighbors. I know they are not really Americans, even if you shorten their vowels and lop of their "eh’s." And so Americans don’t expect them to be perfect. But they are expected to be polite because that’s what defines Canadianess, eh. Yet these people in Toronto are acting like complete idiots. Like hockey freaks, fer chrizsake.

And by "complete idiots," I don’t mean just the Ford, built-tough dawg and phony show. (You don’t need the likes of me to tell you what gumballs Phony and Dawg Ford are, and that’s not what I’m here for.)   

And by "complete idiots" I am not talking just about the Toronto voters who elected these gumballs, No, I am talking about the collective idiocy of the whole freaking Toronto City Council.

I sat and watched about an hour of the latest episode at the Toronto City Council meeting last Monday, not quite able to fathom what I was seeing. I was appalled by the way Dawg and Phony were able to destroy the dignity and the decorum, not only of the process, but also of the participants. It was disgusting. And while the MSM focused on the Fords’ antics, the Council I saw were equally culpable.  For instance, the way Ford supporter Speaker Francis Nunziata let Dawg and Phony run wild, made her the ringmaster – which is to say facilitator – of the circus that the meeting had become.  The irony was that under threat of the Council stripping the so-called mayor of his powers, both Dawg and Phony stood up one after the other and blasted the Council for "undermining the democratic process." 

A democratic process?

Beg pardon? It was they who turned the Council meeting – and the democratic process – into a travesty. For instance, proving what a total loser-clown he is, Phony aped and mocked other councilors with idiot gestures from his seat. He was not acting like a mayor is paid and expected to act. He was not acting like a responsible elected public official. He was not acting like a gentleman. He was acting like a disruptive 5th grade student with unmedicated ADHD, and that should have been far more than enough to get him booted from the meeting . . . if Nunziata had been doing her job.

Then the fireworks started. While one councilwoman had the floor and was speaking, the dawg and the phony both got up and went back into the crowd behind the council area and started a ruckus with citizen’s who had come to watch the circus.

I thought how these two looked like the WWE tag-team "Chris Jericho" and "Big Show" working the crowd, stirring it up for the blow-out championship match. And that’s about as much respect the crowd in Toronto showed for the democratic process. Where was Nunciata? Why didn’t she empty the gallery? Well, she morphed from ringmaster to faux wrestling ref.

While this ruckus was going on – which was while the councillor was trying to speak – Phony’s body guard was by his side with a camera pointed in a threatening manner at the crowd, Stasi-style as if to intimidate anyone who might dare speak out against the mayor with the cocaine-brain and the Jabba the Hutt belly. Dawg was openly screaming at the crowd, his face beet-red, and the crowd were screaming back like the brain-ded crowds who attend WWE spectacles. What did Speaker Nunziata do? Did she throw the dawg and phony out? No. Did she order them back to their seats? No. Did she empty the gallery? No. She cut off the lady off who was trying to speak and called a 10 minute recess – a 10 minute recess!!! – so the dawg and the phony could continue stirring up the crowd.

This is somebody’s idea of a democratic process?? The Fords have the balls to complain about the Council abusing the democratic process when from their actions it is obvious that those two nematodes wouldn’t know democracy from fake wrestling. The Fords apparently think that democracy is all about elections, and everything after that is show-time. They apparently think that because they were elected to their offices, it is their prerogative to behave in whatever clownish or boorish manner they choose, because, hey . . . they were elected by the people.

The Pinocchio fat-lip

The videos of Phony Rob running over Councilor Pam McConnell are all over the net, but the shots of what preceded the impact are harder to find. Here are some of each: Here  Here  Here.

To summarize the hit-and-run incident with the councilor, here’s what I see in the vids. McConnell was talking quietly with some colleagues during the recess when Phony Rob charged into her while trying to assist Dawg Doug, who had become "involved" with some hostile hockey pucks in the stand. Phony Rob struck McConnell the left shoulder as he tried to go around her and knocked off balance. She did not hit the ground because #1) she grabbed him by the jacket and held on, and #2) he grabbed her by her shoulders and prevented her from falling completely. He righted her back on her feet and moved away. The whole incident was more like a botched rumba move on Dancing With The Dolts. This much is clear from the videos: No one else assisted McConnell in regaining her balance. No one picked her up off the floor because she never landed on the floor. Her head and face do not appear to have made contact with Ford or with anything. There is no blood and no bruising in the video.

And the reason I’m saying all this is that after the 10 minute break and Dancing With The Dolts was over, there came the part of the circus that offended me enough that I stopped laughing. Then came the politician spewing lies. And I’m not talking about the dawg and phony here; I’m talking about a councilor named Pamela Fletcher.

I’m not sure, but Fletcher might have been the one talking when the recess was called. At any rate as soon as the recess ends, she got to the microphone and accused Phony Rob of knocking McConnell to the floor and leaving her there. He denied this, which, given his recent history, was about as believable as Anthony Weiner swearing off penis-selfies, but Phony was telling the truth this time. But Fletcher essentially called him a liar. "We’ve got the video," she said. He insisted that he helped McConnell to her feet, which is what he did, and again Fletcher essentially called him a liar. Then Fletcher’s inner Pinocchio really came out and she accused Phony Rob of giving McConnell a "fat lip." Judging from the videos and the after shots of McConnell, this appears to be a total bullshit fabrication. Like I say, it does not appear that McConnell’s head or face hit anything. Nor did she raise her hand to her lip or her face. She did not appear to be in any pain or discomfort. A foul? Certainly not in hockey. In fact, not even an NBA ref would have called it, unless the score was tight and he was on the take.

Of course, Fletcher’s fat-lip allegation has circled the globe many times by now. For instance, in the story linked to the photo below, Don Peat of the Toronto Sun repeats the Fletcher fabrication as if it was a fact. "[McConnell] had to be helped up by Ford’s staff and was left with a fat lip that she nursed throughout the rest of the meeting." If Peat spent 60 seconds studying the video, then he knows he’s lying.

But, hey, McConnell herself is probably as good a source as the vids. What does she say about her "fat lip?" Read the Peat’s story: not a word. I cannot find any confirmation by McConnell and I cannot find any photos of the fat-lip. Here is the Sun photo, the day after. Do you see a fat lip on this lady?

Toronto Sun.  

And so, what I’m saying is this: bad as the disruption by the dawg and phony show was, wasn’t Fletcher just as bad or worse for standing up as an elected official speaking in an official forum and in a formal, official capacity, and lying? I am sure this is not what the Fondling Fathers had in mind when they designed our democratic institutions. Oh, . . . hold on a ‘sec. Wrong country. The Fondling Fathers did not design Canada’s hockey-style democratic institutions. I’m not sure who did. I’m not even sure where Canada came from. I always assumed some beavers evolved into hockey fans, and some of the hockey fans evolved into Canadians, so that now the population is a mixture of all three. Dawgs and phonies represent the latest, retrograde stage of Canadian evolution.

Last laugh goes to Dawg and Phony?

And all of this would just be a bunch of funny, absurd theatre played out nightly on the Daily Show were it not for one thing: there’s a dead man in the middle of all of this that we’ve forgotten, and how short the MSM memory is. For just 6 or 7 months ago, during the period when phony-Rob claimed there was no video of him smoking crack, one of the crack-heads who was trying to shop that very same video for some big cash ended up with a bullet in his head on a downtown Toronto street. Anthony Smith. Now ya’ gotta’ ask yourself, which is what I did in a previous post, this has got to be suspicious. Dawg-Doug and Phony-Rob could both go down the political black-hole, and/or to prison, if the crack video that doesn’t exist surfaces, and the guy who has it gets a bullet in the head.

Here is the famous photo of Phony Rob and his crack-head buddies that surfaced at about the time the video disappeared. Ford is the porky white guy. Smith is the guy with the beer and the errant finger. Monir Kasim is on the other side of Ford. Mohammad Khattack is on the right. I’ve never heard anyone speculate as to who the cameraman is, but ya’ gotta’ wonder where the dawg is.

So about March 2013 Smith, Kasim, and Khattack apparently realize that they are sitting on a goldmine with the video of Toronto’s mayor sucking on a crack pipe. They contact Ford’s MSM nemesis, the Star. They contact Gawker. I believe they wanted $200,000. No small bills. Quicker than a turkey can fart, the situation is out of hand. Obviously the idea was to close the deal on the video and head to the safety of Cancun before the dawg and phony knew there was a deal. But according to the mice and men best laid plans rule, the story goes viral immediately – after all, he is the mayor of the 4th largest city in N. America – and these three all crawl back into the woodwork and take their video with them. Next thing you know, Smith has a bullet in the head and Phony Rob is sayin’ "Hey, what video?"

And that was really the most amazing thing. A few weeks after Smith is wasted, Phony Rob holds a news conference and tells the world that not only does he not know what’s in the video, but there is no video. 

"As for a video, I cannot comment on a video that I have never seen or does not exist . . . Number one, there’s no video, so that’s all I can say. I can’t comment on something that doesn’t exist." he says on May24.2013.

But then things get even more weird, if that is possible. The Fords' buddy, Monir pleads to Smith’s killing on a reduced charge of man-slaughter, agreeing to keep his mouth shut in return for a 9 year sentence. That’s not weird, any creep with a smokin’ hot video who wanted to avoid ending up like Smith would do the same. What’s weird is that with this plea the prosecutor shut the whole case down without a shred of evidence being made public. A Toronto criminal defense suit named Edward Sapiano told CBC News that in 20 years of practice he has never seen anything like it. Hanar Mohamed was also busted and charged in Smith’s killing. His name does not surface with respect to the video, so he may be out of luck as far as soft-pleas go. I mean, those who don’t have dirt on someone in Toronto, are going to get the full Monty when it comes to prosecution. Unless, of course, prosecuting them means having to make public evidence regarding the crimes of people high up.

And so while Jon Stewart and the other MSM hyenas are having their laughs with this crazy Canuck dawg and phony show, it looks like the dawg and phony are having some laughs of their own.  It a city as dirty as Toronto, if you can get dirt on cops and prosecutors and judges, you can go a long way and get away with almost anything.

What do the polls tell us?

Finally, we have the issue of the Forum Poll showing Phony Rob's approval rating is at 42%.  

By comparison, Obama's approval rating is currently 37% and declining.  Congress' is 7.5%, and declining.  Yes, that's 7.7% approve of Congress' job.  Not 75%.

Dig deeper in the Forum rating numbers on Ford and  you'll find some gems that tell us a lot about certain people.  Like, he rates favorably with 55% of the ignorant.  And 54% of Catholics, although there is a wide over-lap there. 

Only half of Torontonians support a referendum on Ford remaining in office.  

Americans were not polled.  Ha, ha, ha.

So, think about it. . . what do these numbers really tell us about:

A)  Ford  (nothing)
B)  Obama (nothing)
C)  Canadians (lots)
D)  Ignorant Canadian Catholics  (everything)

I mean, really . . . oh, Canada.




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