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How "autonomous" is RT, really?

HuffingTon of BS Post is reporting via Reuters that another group of violent Muslim Mental Midgets, Vilayat Dagestan, has posted a video warning that they will deliver a "present" to Putin at Sochi. These 3Ms also claimed "credit," as if credit is given for such things, for the suicide bombings in Volgograd, in which 34 people were killed. This story is news this morning on many Western MSM channels, including ABC, NBC, CBC, Australian news, etc. At least one report says the two morons in this video were the ones who carried out the Volgograd attacks, but I remember quite clearly that a woman was reported as blowing the bus, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

But the reason I’m bringing this to your attention is, well . . . there’s two reasons.

The first one is the flag. So far as I can see, none of the MSM flacks, least of all HuffingTon of BS, has noted that the flag is identical to the war flag of the blood-thirsty al-Qaeda wanna’-be group operating in Syria – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Probably not a coincidence. 

There are many groups operating under the al-Qaeda umbrella, comprising tens of thousands of freakin’ ghoulish Sunni extremists who want to replace all law with Sharia law. They are psychopaths, dangerous, effective, and their jihad would have petered out long ago had it not been for that brilliant foreign policy of the Reagan/Bush administrations of funding bin Laden and the Afghani mujahideen who were fighting the Russians. The point being, the US -- having opened this Pandora's Box -- taking out bin Laden had zero effect on anything, except that it pumped up Obama’s ratings for a while and virtually guaranteed that health workers trying to inoculate Pakistani children against polio would get butchered, hence abetting the spread of polio. Well done, Obama, Gates, Clinton, et al.

The second point I want to make is about rt.com. This is one of the first stops on my morning click-around. RT used to be known as "Russia Today."  It is one place to get the news that the Israeli/Jews Western MSM doesn’t want you to see. (Of course, once the Redstones neuter net neutrality, Israeli/Jews’ money will be controlling the Internet, too, but for now we have a stable of news-sites that can provide a somewhat balanced view of what’s happenin’.) RT reaches 85 million Americans; it’s Britain’s third most popular news channel.

According to Wiki, RT is registered as an "autonomous nonprofit organization." Well, now. . . is it? That’s durn interesting because it’s also fully funded by the Russian government. How is it that a news organization fully funded by a government is considered "autonomous?" I can understand the "nonprofit" – all government departments are nonprofits, but how autonomous can it be? 

With so much riding on Sochi, this question can be made more specific today: How autonomous is RT going to be in reporting the Vilayat Dagestan threats? As of 4:30am PST (4:40pm Moscow), the Internet is lit up with the Sochi threats and there’s not a word about the story on RT. A search of RT for "Vilayat Dagestan" brings up nearly zilch. 

We’ll keep an eye on 'er.  (That's the editorial "we.")





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