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This guy is probably innocent, he just looks guilty


There has been a flurry of activity (finally) in the Chevaline Murder case.  The Frog cops have busted the guy above . . . no, the one on the left.  According to the Daily Mail, his name is Eric Devouassoux.  He's 48 yo., married, lives in the same town as the ex-RAF pilot, Brett Martin, and he's looking for a good lawyer. 

But keep in mind that in the French system they gotta' bust a guy before they can interrogate him.  So, this may be just another suspect that they have to clear so they can move on.  

But when you figure that this cop sketch was based entirely on the memory of two forestry workers who saw him for just a few seconds, you gotta' think to yourself -- damn good likeness.  And looking at both of those portraits I got to thinking, if the motorcycle guy is the killer, why in the hell would he open his visor to talk to the forestry workers just minutes after the killing?  I mean, not even the French are that dense.  So that suggests that even if Devouassoux is the guy in the sketch, he's not the killer unless Devouassoux and the killer -- being the same person -- are both really, really stupid. 

And about that beard.  Now if it was me, and I was going to kill somebody, and I had a beard, I would surely cut the beard off before the murder and grow it back after -- and quit calling me "Shirley."  I mean, if anybody happens to spot you in the act, for instance, because you opened your helmet visor to chat with forestry workers, then you would not want to look at that moment like your FB photo.  Without the beard on the sketch, I might or might not think there was a match here.  But the beard clinches it for me -- at least to the point of calling him a viable suspect..    

And according to the DM, Devouassoux has some 'splainin' to do.   Like why the data from his cell phone say he was in the vicinity of the murder at the time of the murder.  And given my long-held suspicion that Martin pulled this murder off, the fact that this Devouassoux lives in the same tiny village that Martin does is a HUGE coincidence.  I mean, we gotta' run some statistics on this, but the odds have to be close to nil for a coincidence like that. 

Here is my Chevaline Murder page with a table of my previous posts on this case. 







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