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Frankie Powell, ex-Knoxville County Deputy Sheriff

Didnít take Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "JJ" Jones long to fire this violent pigís fat ass. The story is interesting from both a police discipline point of view and a media point of view.

Knoxville is in America last I looked. Itís in Tennessee, which is now a part of America again after having made a short but unsuccessful dash for freedom with 12 other states back in the 19th century. And this being another in the endless sequence of stories about American police brutality, one would think that the American press would be first in line to publish the video expose of a fat-assíd Knoxville cop calmly strangling an totally compliant college kid, Jarod Dotson, 22, into unconsciousness while two other cops cuff the kid even as he falls to the ground. Thatís what happened last night, Apr26 at a student party at UT.


Frankie Powell practicing the carotid take-down on Mr. Dotson.

It's now nearly 24 hours later and I cannot find a single word in the US MSM about the event. But itís trending internationally online because our beloved fail-machine, the UK Daily Mail, published a story by Alex Gregg with the photos taken by freelance photographer John Messner clearly showing this violent pig's assault.  It's another welcome case of reverse Big Brother in action.  

Whilst dumb-ass cop #1 and dumb-ass cop #2 have yet to be identified or, apparently, disciplined, the prick with the thick head and thick hands around the kidís throat, Phillips, has not only been publicly IDíd, heís been fired. Thatís right Ė within 24 hours. Gone, and may this piece of shit never float to the surface again.  Thank you Sheriff Jones for doing the right thing: flushing the loo. 

Speaking of pieces of shit that float to the surface . . . this Knoxville prick looks surprisingly like the Internet's favorite punching-bag, UC Davis pepper-spray aficionado, John Pike. What is it about being a pig that makes one look like one?   

T. Dee -- Frankie "Bread-line" Powell              T. Dum -- Pepper-spray patho-prick John Pike

Well done, Sheriff Jones, John Messner, and Daily Mail.


Apr28 update from WBIR.com 

Officers Ding [Ronald Chaperon Jr.] and Dong [Brandon Gilliam], the other participants in this cluster-fck have received paid vacations, which is much more in line with how police brutality is handled around the country.  Maybe they will take Tweedle Dum's example and claim disability because of the incident.  It must have been awfully stressful for them, poor babies.    




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