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-- Fascist Patriots Dept. --


~ On Memorial Day, let's get it straight who the true patriots are. ~

Leo Berg, Allegheny Township PD.

Leo Berg, who is listed as a sergeant with the Allegheny Township Police Dept. in Blair County, PS, is probably not a bad cop. Most cops arenít.

I mean Berg and most cops are not like a lot of the dick-head cops I feature on LogoPhere. As far as Iím aware, Berg has not been implicated in or indicted for beating a homeless man to death like "see-my-fists-theyíre-going-to-fuck-you-up" Manuel Ramos in the Kelly Thomas case in Fullerton, CA Ė an event recorded on audio. And Berg probably didnít gun down an unarmed man in cold blood the way procine public servant James Moody gunned down Ernesto Duenez, as seen on video. And Berg is probably not accused of sexually assaulting female motorists and their passengers by sticking his hand down their pants and into their privates like dildo-brain Texas trooper Kelley Helleson, also on video.

No, the reason I bring Berg to your attention this Memorial Day is because it seems to me that he epitomizes the American fascist patriot Ė and I want to use his story to explain this all too common phenomenon.

The story Iím seeing is that Berg became "offended" (poor baby) because Joshua Brubaker hung an American flag on the side of his house upside down and with "AIM" spray painted on it. AIM stands for the American Indian Movement, and Brubaker was showing solidarity with Oglala Sioux opposed to the extortionate activities of one James Czywczynski, who is threatening to auction off the Wounded Knee site if the Sioux donít pay him $6 million for the land, which is valued at $8000, according to tribal President Bryan Brewer. If anybodyís got good reason to hang an American flag upside down itís AmerIndians and someone showing solidarity with AmerIndians.


Scene of the crime.

But back in Duncansville, PA, Josh Brubaker, who lives across the street from the Allegheny Township PD, had his flag hanging upside down for three weeks before Berg (poor baby), without a search warrant, arrest warrant, or any other indication of due process, apparently trespassed on Brubakerís property, tore the flag down, and seized it as "evidence." I would call it "larceny" Ė at least according to the story thatís coming across the Internet, and itís supported by a local TV interview with Berg himself. But my guess is that larceny is the least of Bergís worries when Brubakerís lawyers start filing federal law suits for violation of constitutional rights.

Josh Brubaker

When Brubaker went across the street to file a report on the stolen flag Ė you guessed it Ė Berg busted Brubaker. We see this spoof all the time. Often when a cop breaks the law and gets called out on it, he or she turns on the victim and tries to make the victim out to be the perp. Itís exactly the same thing Joe Quiles, the Milwaukee cop, did when he ran a stop sign and t-boned the car of a young woman, breaking her neck in four places. The Milwaukee cops then tried to make the young woman out to be the criminal, as I reported in detail last week.

Of course, when the TV cameras came to the Allegheny Township cop-shop to talk to Berg (who had his feelings hurt by the upside down flag, poor baby) Berg, likely an ex-Boy Scout, made a big deal of how offended he was by the whole thing and how he folded the stolen flag properly because, after all, heís a patriot, eh? Hereís where the American fascist patriot comes in.

A fascist patriot is someone who thinks they have a personal right and obligation to tell other Americans how and when and whether they should fly their flags. They think they have a right to demand that other Americans recite the so-called "pledge of allegiance" or stand at the national anthem. In other words, they think they have an obligation to enforce their own patriotic rituals on the rest of the country. Most of these fascist patriots are really just nominal patriots Ė people who never loved their country enough to put a uniform on and actually serve their country. But when the TV cameras are rolling they want to come across as a real, true patriot, and Iím talkiní about Leo Berg here, poor baby, who was offended . . . OFFENDED!!! I tell you . . . by an upside down flag.  But a true patriot does not go around ripping down other people's flags for he understands enough about American principles of free political speech to know that it is protected in every form. 

When I was still in college, I had a public encounter with one of these fascist patriots. He was an older guy who criticized me for not joining in the so-called "pledge of allegiance." I was about 25 years old and the Vietnam War was still hot. The country was almost as polarized as it is today, but not nearly as messed up. This guy wasnít overly belligerent; he was just annoyed, probably like Berg was over Brubakerís upside down flag. But I unloaded on the old guy, sort of like Iím unloading on Berg. I told him I had already done all the pledging I need to do when I joined the Marine Corps on my 18th birthday, and that I made good on that pledge by volunteering for Vietnam, literally fighting for my country, and by being awarded a Purple Heart. I pointed out that if every adult American who recited the so-called "pledge of allegiance" made good on their pledge by enlisting in the military, there wouldnít be a need for the draft and the Vietnam war would have been over months after it started. Somewhere in there I dropped the "H"-bomb Ė hypocrites Ė modified with the "F"-bomb in its adjective form, but Iím not sure just where. He got the message. "Sorry," this arrogant prick said, "you look like another hippie."

But the worst of these fascist patriots are people who are promoting their faux-patriotism on a massive scale to make tens of millions of dollars Ė Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill OíReilly, Karl Rove, Neil Boortz, and many other right-wing mouthpieces of my generation who were cowards when it came to Vietnam but who want to be seen Ė and who are seen by nominal patriots Ė as True American Patriots. They are, IMO, faux-patriot poltroons.  Because these freeloaders didnít serve their country themselves, they hide their own cowardice by expressing a gooey, phony admiration of military service members and veterans. Politicians and FOX news pundits have turned this fulsome fawning into a fine art.  Berg pulled the same fawning bullshit by claiming that one of the reasons he pulled down Brubaker's flag was because some woman member of the military told him the flag offended her.  As if by being a female or by being a member of the military she had some special sensitivity or right.  What horse shit. 

Of course the politicians are in a class all their own when it comes to freeloading patriotism, what with their ubiquitous American flag lapel pins and ubiquitous American flag backdrops for their PR photos. IMO most of them should not even be in office because anyone who has not served at least two years in the military should be ineligible for any elected federal office, for any cabinet level appointment, or for any federal judicial appointment, including the Supreme Court. As one of millions who have risked everything for their country, I find it particularly galling when politicians who never loved their country enough to actually serve their country are elected Commander in Chief Ė Reagan, Clinton, and Obama being notable examples of token patriot presidents of our time.

In contrast to the fascist patriots and token patriots, proven American patriots are those who have been in combat or who have willingly placed themselves in a position to be ordered into combat, if necessary, in behalf of their country. They are the Americans who took an oath to protect and defend the American Constitution and who made good on that oath by serving in the military, thereby putting their lives in jeopardy in order to protect the ideals that once made America so great Ė ideals that since 9/11 have been pretty much flushed down the toilet by the US government on a large scale and by fascist patriots like Leo Berg on a more personal scale. It is the proven patriot who has sacrificed a part of his or her life to play some role in the over all endeavor to protect America; whether for two years or for twenty, they have put their butt on the line for their country.

Of course, many proven patriots are fascist patriots, too. Some of those who return to America after combat duty think they have earned a special license and are on a special mission to tell other people how they must treat the American flag or how they must otherwise express their political beliefs. A good example is shown in a recent YT video of some idiot in Iowa who claimed to be an Iraq vet and who thought he had a right to tell people demonstrating against American torture tactics how they should display their own American flag. The video shows numerous instances of this idiotís assault and battery on these peaceful demonstrators who failed to meet his personal standards of how free speech should be done. His license plate is Iowa 663 WRC.  If you happen to know him, tell him I think he should move someplace Ė like back to Iraq Ė where governments outlaw expressions of political opinion, just like this guy was trying to do. Or Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania turns out to be a lot like Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Iran when it comes to free speech.

In America the legal principle is well settled by multiple federal court decisions, including the Supreme Court: If itís your freaking flag then itís your freaking property and you can pretty much do what you want to with it. If you want to burn it in protest, burn it. If you want to spray paint it, spray paint it. If you want to hang it upside down, do it. And when some fascist patriot like Leo Berg or the idiot in Iowa comes along and steals your property or assaults you because they think they have a right to restrict your freedom of speech, sue the fucking pants off of them. But do it in federal court because some states, like Pennsylvania, still have clearly unconstitutional laws on the books that criminalize free speech. Laws that fascist patriots like Leo Berg must really get off on.

As a true American patriot, I'm standing with you, Josh Brubaker.  100%.




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