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~ Nancy Grace jams her foot down her throat again ~


Itís beginning to look like the little Mississippi girl attacked by her grandfatherís pit bulls is being totally exploited by her family, Nancy Grace, and Turner's HLN news. If it turns out that the whole Jackson Mississippi viral KFC take-down really was a hoax floated by a bunch of white trailer trash trolling for sympathy and $135,000 in donations, somebody needs to go to jail for fraud. And somebody needs to get that precious girl away from those people. The grandfather with the 10 pit bulls and the mother should both be investigated for serious child endangerment charges IMO. And then there's that 11th pit bull, Nancy Grace who went ballistic on KFC without knowing what the hell she was talking about. Ole' line-sinker-and-looks-like-a-hooker Grace apparently does not know what due diligence or competent journalism means, but Ted Turner keeps feeding her. KFC ought to take the hide off of both NG and Turner. P.S. ~ If that link to Graceís YT rant goes dead, youíll know for sure this whole thing was a fraud.  P.S.S. ~ GoFundMe.com, which raised the $135k in donations has taken down the appeal.  One report said they are returning the money to donors. 



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