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-- Daily Farts Darts for June 27.2014 --



Wait . . . what?  Jon Stewart's a Jew??

Of course he's a Jew, Meat-head, he tells us that about 3 times in every show.  

But, Archie, I thought that was just a gag, man, you know, like those Seinfeld people pretending to be NY Jews when they're really Lutherans from Iowa.

You need proof?  Well, the camera don't lie.  On Jun24.2014 Stewart did a spoof on Hillary, sees?  He pulls out a C-note and uses it like a tissue to dab his fake tears, and then he wads the C-note up and throws it over his shoulder.  That was the funny part, sees, but then comes the Jewish part.  Now, you gotta' pay close attention to catch it, but the segment ends and the lights dim as they cut to the commercial.  Stewart doesn't even wait to go off camera -- he dives on that C-note on the floor like a sea gull diving on a bagel scrap in a Brooklyn gutter. Sees?  It's all there in front a ya'.   

Try the Obvious First

Charlotte Alfred's HuffPo piece on the mystery ISIS tweeting "whistleblower"  @wikibaghdady is not badly written, at least by HuffPo standards; it just totally misses the obvious.  

I mean, if you're speculating on who is posting tweets flaming ISIS and it's pervert leader "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi", I would think any vaguely conscious person would first guess CIA and then Mossad.  

As far as "al-Baghdadi" goes, Al Monitor identifies him as a Salafist pig's ass named  Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai.  But this conflicts with the rapidly growing urban legend that "al-Baghdadi" was a peaceful peasant farmer who got swept up by US forces, held in Bucca prison in Iraq, and turned into a deadly Sunni terrorist as a result of being tortured -- a "heroic" pay-back story the CIA would definitely want to put an end to. 


Why I Love Ann Coulter

While reading the idiot take-down of soccer on her blog, it suddenly occurred to me why I love this American icon of the far and loony right so much: She looks more like Mr. Ed than any other human on earth. I love horses, I loved Mr. Ed, and now I know why I love Coulter.  In fact, she reminds me of both ends of Mr. Ed.

But if I ever wake up in bed with her next to me, I'll totally freak out thinking the Mafia has finally found me or that I've died and been reincarnated back in time into a Godfather movie.  That would be almost as bad as the present reality of HuffPo and FOX News running her stupidity over and over ad nauseam, turning the Internet into a Ground Hog Day nightmare from which none of us can escape.






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