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-- Daily Darts for June 28.2014 --


FOX News -- Only the Best, Only the Brightest

I have no idea who those women were sitting on that couch in the FOX studios pretending they were The View, but it only took this three and a half minute clip to convince me that sum of their IQ's would be a 1-digit number.  Even if you add the expert sitting among them, Terry Bradshaw, whom they brought in as an expert on American politics and politicians, you still wouldn't reach an aggregate 2-digit IQ.  Bradshaw grimacing and stuttering and blathering inanities about Hillary complimented these women perfectly.

While the blogosphere is gasping at FOX's desperation at strutting out a geriatric, has-been football pro as their expert on Benghazi, I want to focus on the pack leader here, Andrea Tantaros, and the brain-ded performance she gave before she let Bradshaw give his own brain-ded performance.  (Bradshaw couldn't even recall that it was a video that the administration claimed triggered the attack on the Benghazi embassy.)  

I don't know the Tantaros lady and don't want to know her.  I've never heard of her before this total screw-up and I've got nothing against her personally.  The only thing I know about her is what I can deduce, and what I deduce is that whatever is filling the space in her skull, it is not substantially different from what's filling her pillow.   And the reason I say it is because she put up the graphic to the left and -- I swear to God -- this is what she said to confirm the pillow-fluff between her ears:

A new poll says that she [Clinton]has the leadership skills to be president, but she still faces a trust deficit with voters.  In response to whether people agree that Clinton is honest and straight-forward, the "No's" outnumber the "Yes's."  

And so Tantaros admitted to the entire nation that she is too stupid to know what a margin of error is.  How embarrassing can it get?  What the poll she relied on actually says is that there is no "trust deficit" for Hillary.  The graphic itself tells us that the difference between the No's and the Yes's was 2% and the margin of error was 3%.  What that means, Pillow Brain, is that one cannot conclude that either vote outnumbered the other.  The amount of error swamped the difference.  Furthermore, Tantaros is only showing us 78% of the vote.  Where's the missing 22%?  I dunno', and so I went looking.  It just didn't smell right.

Well, the truth of the matter is that there were no "Yes" and "No" responses to the question about Hillary being honest and straight-forward.  The answers were based on a ranking of 1 to 5.  Tantaros merely cherry picked the data she wanted you to see.  Here are the actual poll results.  As long as she was ignoring the margin of errors in her reporting, she should have told you that according to the poll more people said they want a Democratic-controlled Congress than a Republican-controlled Congress.  The responses were evenly divided within the margin of errors -- but, hey, who cares about details like a margin of error when you're a FOX talking pillow-head?    

So what we have to do here is re-run the "honest and straight-forward" poll question.  We need to revise it so the question is about whether people think Tantaros is A) crooked or B) honest and straight-forward but just too cerebrally disabled to get it. 

To paraphrase Mark Twain -- ya' got lies, ya' got damn lies, and ya' got media-shysters like Tantaros. 




Lois Lerner's Emails are Dick Nixon's Missing 18 Minutes

I was a bit shocked when Jon Stewart went public in his June 24.2014 show with the news that years of Emails from and to Lois Lerner (right) had been destroyed by the dog eating them a "computer crash."  This was not headline news on the major MSM websites I watch -- I hadn't heard a word about it.  The so-called "liberal media" seem to be keeping this story under wraps.  Both WaPo and CNN did a back-page burial of the story.  The NYT has gotten slammed for all but ignoring the whole IRS debacle, which they deny.  (I would watch more FOX for its fairness and balance, but my stomach won't take it.  See above.)

  Lerner was the Director of IRS Exempt Organizations who pled the 5th to avoid telling Darrell Issa's House Oversight Committee what actually happened in Cincinnati where IRS mules were accused of targeting Tea Party non-profit groups, and so I guess that makes her the biggest turd in the IRS cesspool.  She is no longer with the IRS and is under investigation for contempt of Congress.

On May18.2013 I did a fairly deep analysis of this mess as it stood in the early stages. It was not particularly artfully written, which is consistent with my style, but I did raise what was at the time an obvious but, apparently, novel line of thought: The point is not whether the IRS targets conservative groups in their search for illegitimate 501(c)(4) tax exemption applications -- that's the IRS's job.  No, the point is whether they target ONLY conservative groups and give liberal groups a bye.  

I concluded that there was no evidence of bias and the whole thing was "a Republican shit-storm in a Democratic teacup" -- notwithstanding the problem of IRS incompetence, mis-management, and endemic stupidity at all levels that was revealed by the Inspector General Report.  That problem spans a number of administrations.  But with this new revelation about missing Emails, both the shit-storm and the tea cup just got a lot bigger -- big enough for Jon Stewart to take notice, even if the NYT didn't.

And the reason I say that goes back, again, to my May 2013 piece.  I noted that unlike evidence of Nixon's direct involvement in abusing IRS powers and other dirty tricks, there was nothing in the IRS scandal connecting Obama to what the IRS mules in Cincinnati did or didn't do.  But with these missing Emails all of that now has to be re-evaluated.  The problem I see now is that according to the AP's Stephen Ohlemacher, the Emails that are missing are between Lerner and people outside the IRS, including people in the White House.  This is suddenly looking a lot like the 18-minute gap in Nixon's Watergate tapes. 

It's not the crime that gets 'em; it's the cover-up.  Lerner -- like Scooter Libby, John Mitchell, H.R. Halderman, and John Dean --  could very well end up in jail, which is why she took the 5th, I guess.


Happens Every Time

Jerri Yenne, left, is the DA in Brazoria County, which sounds like it is probably somewhere on or near the Brazos River.  KHOU of Houston reports that Yenne has decided to drop DUI charges against one of her comrades in crime-control, Officer Fred Cramer, even though Cramer's blood test came back at 3x the legal limit and his motorcycle was lying in the middle of the road.  Here's how these things go down -- not just in Texas, everywhere.  It happens all the time.  It's called "Constitutionally convenient stupidity."

Cop #1 breaks the law.  Cop #2 busts Cop #1, but in the bust Cop #2 screws up.  Maybe he "forgets" to read Cop #1 his Miranda rights.  Maybe he " neglects" to get a search warrant.  Whatever -- the DA then decides he has to drop the case against his buddy, Cop #1, because his other buddy, Cop #2, screwed up and the evidence can't be admitted. It is just amazing how incredibly incompetent cops can be when busting their buddies, and how sensitive the DA's then become to the Constitutional issues.  

In this case Cop #2 put his own freaking name down as the suspect on the search warrant that was required to draw Cramer's blood.  Nobody, not even a Texas pig, can be that stupid unintentionally.  And yet the DA is, like . . . well, OK, whatever.

Poor Jerri Yenne, as much as she really, really wanted to prosecute the drunk cop for DUI . . . well, what could she do?  Her hands are tied by the Constitution -- the 3x the limit blood test results were (conveniently) tainted by the flawed warrant. So she changed the charge from DUI to the much lesser crime of public intox, and ole' Cramer gladly pleaded guilty to that.  You can bet he did.  He's back on the job.  

If you get busted for DUI in Brazoria County, what do you think your chances are of getting off because the cop puts his own name on the warrant instead of yours?  Well, if you are a cop, your chances are 100%.  If you aren't, your chances are 0%.  

But what is not being asked in this story is why isn't Cop #2, who has not been identified, being fired for being so freaking stupid that he put his own name down as being the suspect when filling out the search warrant form?   That guy and/or gal needs a new job he and/or she can handle -- like McDonald's.  And there are far fewer Constitutional predicaments flipping burgers, so maybe Yenne would be more suited for a career there, too.  And speaking of flipping burgers, what about the magistrate that signed the warrant -- was he/she so stupid that he/she didn't realize the cop standing in front of him/her seeking the search warrant was the same guy and/or gal the search warrant was made out for? I hope McDonald's is hiring in Brazoria County.

Here's Yenne's number in case you want more details about the Constitutional issues: 979-864-1230, according to public records.






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