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-- Daily Darts for July 02.2014 --


Here's the latest on the country's idiot cops and judges

  • He's baaaack. . . the pugilistic, pea-brained Brevard County, FL judge, John Murphy, who punched a lawyer is back on the bench.  Murphy has been receiving anger management counseling.  Apparently, no assault and battery charges.  Story

  • Broward County FL judge Lynn D. Rosenthall was busted last month for crashing into police cruisers in the court's parking lot while drunk, and now her colleague, judge Gisele Pollack, has been busted for DUI and wants the taxpayer to foot her $138,000/annum salary while she dries out, otherwise, she'll probably move to Toronto and run for mayor. NYT

  • And speaking of Broward County -- employees the outgoing Broward County sheriff, Al Lamberti's smashed the sheriff's hard drive leaving it pulverized and bloody.  Meanwhile the incoming sheriff Scott Israel has been found guilty of accepting gifts, which is called "on the take" where I come from.  No problemo in either case, they're cops.  Israel won't be punished because -- hey --  he's new so let's cut him some slack.  Yeah, right.  Sorry officer, I'm new to Florida and I don't know the rules, I'll just be on my way.   

  • The idiot WY judge, G. Todd Baugh, who sentenced the pedophile teacher, Casey Rambold, to 30 days for raping a 14 yo and blamed the rape on the girl, is facing next to no repercussions for his stupidity.  His retirement date will be moved to Dec01.2014 from Jan01.2015.  But Baugh has the guts to ask the state Supreme Court to overturn that wrist-slap.   LAT   Granted, a 30 day rape sentence is in line with what most judges give women teachers when they rape children. In the mean time Baugh sticks his foot in it again when he sentences a guy with a BB gun to 10 years (5 suspended) and $13,000 fine and tells him to quit his job at a fast food joint and "get a real job" so he can pay the fine faster.  Not sure how that makes sense with the 5 year stretch.  Cowboy judges  . . . almost as bad as the Florida ones.   Story  













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