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-- Daily Darts for July 03.2014 --


This is what due process looks like in Israel

Look at this photo of a bombed out apartment in Hebron, West Bank, carefully.  This is the so-called "only democracy in the Middle East."  This is what Americans are supporting.  In Israel if you are Palestinian and you are merely suspected of committing a crime, the government will bomb your house.

This is the house of Amer Abu Ayshu, who the GoI suspects is one of the murderers of three Jewish teens who were living in illegal settlements in the West Bank.  The Government of Israel also destroyed the home of the other suspect, Marwan Kawasme

Nobody has been tried, nobody has been convicted, and yet according to GoI and their perverted idea of justice, no trial and no conviction are needed to punish the family of suspect Palestinians.  Israel Hayom

This is not a one-off situation; bombing house is sanctioned by Israel's highest court.  At about the same time GoI was destroying the homes of Ayshu and Kawasme, they were also destroying the home of Ziad Awad in the Palestinian village of Idhna, near Hebron. Times of Israel  The difference in these cases is that Awad had been tried and convicted of killing an Israeli cop, and Netanyahu ordered his home destroyed. The Israeli Center for the Defense of the Individual appealed to the High Court on the grounds that punishing the man's family was against international law.

Well, as we all know, GoI shits on international law unless they claim they are the victim.  The High Court gave the green light to destroy the Awad home.  The wife and son who lived there had not been convicted of anything.

  Punishing the family of a convicted person by an occupying power is clearly against any democratic principle known and against international law. The sick irony here is Americans being duped by their own politicians -- virtually all of whom are supported financially by GoI -- into thinking America supports a country with democratic values.    














One more time, Snegana, how old is she?

Snegana Farberov of the Daily Mail tells us 13 times in 38 muttering, one and two-sentence paragraphs that Shannon Maureen Conley is 19 years old.   

Here are two of these paragraphs back-to-back:

Asked about her note-taking on campus, the 19-year-old explained that she noticed church staff following her and pretended like she was diagramming the layout of the church to make them worry.

In December 2013, Conley revealed to an FBI agent that she had signed up for the U.S. Army Explorers to train in military tactics in the hopes of passing on her knowledge to jihadi fighters. A short time later, the 19-year-old told a federal official that she will be ready to wage jihad in a year.

Farberov also tells us six times that Conley is a "nurse" or "registered nurse."  Although Faberov is pathologically obsessed with the woman's age, the most interesting point, which Farberov ignores altogether, is how does one become a registered nurse by the time they are 19?  In the US that requires a 4-year bachelor's degree.

Farberov is too lame and/or lazy to take 15 minutes to read the criminal complaint against Conely, which is all over the Internet.  That complaint says nothing about Conley being a nurse or a registered nurse.  She's a nurses' aid.  The difference is like the difference between a 747 pilot and a bicycle messenger. 

As for the family photo published by the DM, I'll let you sort out who the mother is, but if it's the lady in the bottom center, she is one hot momma'.













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