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-- Daily Darts for July 05.2014 --


Daily Mail is creeping me out, but are they breaking US federal law?

Falling all over itself in an attempt to harass Amanda Knox, the DM papparazi are following her around Seattle.  I'd call it "stalking." 

Here's a photo article by DM creeps Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner (sic) and Sophie Jane Evans.

Joe Biden's idiot Violence Against Women Act also creeps me out b/c it is such a gross assault on due process and civil liberties, but it's currently the law.  And it says that "stalking" is conduct directed at a person that would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress.

Surely any reasonable woman would be extremely emotionally distressed to see photos of her with her boyfriend splattered all over the international press, knowing the photographers were following them in order to record their personal moments together. 

I wish Foxy would stick it to the DM over this crap, regardless of whether or not she's a blood-thirsty killer.  





200 poof . . . of idiocy


Speaking of the DM, as I often do, the screen grab to the left is from Daily Mail front page Jul05.14  

The irony here is that the British Navy invented the "proof" system for determining alcohol content and yet this British paper doesn't have a clue what it's all about.  

There is no such thing as "per cent proof."  Alcohol content is expressed as either percent by volume or proof.    

In UK proof is 7/4 of alcohol by volume.  68% is 119 proof.  DM staff should write their beer  articles before they test the products.




Listen up. . .here's the plan.

Screw the Democrats, screw the Republicans -- they're all funded/controlled by the sub-%1, of which we are not a part.  Lawrence Lessig is about to torch United v. F.E.C. with the help of a $10 million grass-roots super PAC -- MayDayPAC.  I think, basically, this is a Tea Party for progressives -- Dick Armey & Karl Rove need not apply.  I am so mad at myself for throwing away my 3-cornered Yankee Doodle hat and knee-breeches. 

It is a well thought-out plan: in 2014 use the crowd-sourced super-Pac to elect candidates in 5 districts who are committed to reforming campaign finance.  [Not sure I know what that means.  Sounds like House seats, not Senate seats.]  This is sort of a "proof of concept" run.  See how it works in 2014 then use that information to elect a Congress in 2016 that will be committed to re-writing the laws (and the Constitution, if necessary) with respect to how federal politics are funded in the US.  

They have collected >$5 M in grass-roots money, to be matched by -- you guessed it --  wealthy donors from the 1%.  Still looking for grass-root support, tho'.


I dunn'o.  I thought the message from Cantor's crash and burn was that all that cash doesn't win elections.  Nevertheless, I like this idea of a people's super-PAC to push back on the Kochs and Soros-style dollar-domination of politics.  



BTW, in case  you were wondering, here's how the Alabama marriage rate is related to people grabbing hot electric lines.  Everyone suspected there was a correlation, but there's nothing like hard data. 

 Source: http://www.tylervigen.com/









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