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-- Daily Darts for July 11.2014 --


CHP Officer Dum Bass asks Marlene Pinnock: 
"Who wants to be a millionaire?" 

It has been over a week now since the video went viral of an older, probably mentally ill, black woman getting beaten like a rented mule by a CHP loser-cop gone bonkers. 

We know who the woman is: 51 yo great-grandmother, Marlene Pinnock, and we know she has mental health issues.  We know who her daughter is: Maisha Allums. We know the names of at least two of the lawyers who have been hired to sue the pants off the brutal pig: Caree Harper and John Burris.  We know that the CHP pig has been a member of CHP for about 18 months.  We know he's right handed.  It would be a good bet that he's on steroids, b/c this looks like 'roid rage and he looks like one of those crazed bulls charging down the streets of Pamplona this week. 

But thanks to the CHP we still don't know who he is, so we'll just call him Officer Dum Bass.

Now, if this had been a video of some punk beating a cop's face, how long do you think it would be before the punk would be locked up?  How long would it be before he would be publicly identified?  A few minutes, to answer the first question; a few hours to answer the second.  Officer Dub Bass is not likely to get locked up for months, if ever, unless the feds come in on this.  In the mean time, he'll likely get a piece of the police officers' Bloody Knuckles Award: a paid vacation.  Yep, what we got here is another police brutality fuster-cluck. 

The top guy at CHP, Joe Farrow, says there's nothing he can do.  Farrow claims the so-called "Peace Officer's Bill of Rights" prevents him from telling the public the name of a cop who has been caught in what can only be characterized as police brutality.  If Farrow is right, then it is a clear indication of what California needs is not a "bill of rights" for cops, but a bill of rights for the victims of cops.  

But according to my reading of CA law, Farrow is almost certainly bullshitting the public, and if he is, that makes him a part of this fuster-cluck.

The CA Peace Officers' Bill of Rights is a state statute: Government Code Chapter 3300 

I have searched this so-called cops' bill of rights up and down and I can not find a single word to back up Joe Farrow.  It does not appear to me to say a thing about not identifying to the public cops who accused of brutality or who are demonstrating police brutality in a video.  

Joe Farrow needs to put up or shut up about his claim that he is prevented by law from identifying this pig because if there is no such provision in CA law, then what Farrow is signaling is that he will do anything he can to protect his cops from public scrutiny, even the rogue cops.

The public can see that CHP is in full-spin mode.  CHP Assistant Chief Chris O'Quinn said at a news conference that the woman was endangering herself and people in traffic, and the officer was forced to "restrain her."  He may well be right about that, but then he said . . .

"A physical altercation ensued as the pedestrian continued to resist arrest, at which point a plain clothes, off duty officer assisted in applying the handcuffs"

I have watched that vid at least 10 times, and if that quote was what O'Quinn in fact said, then the video proves that he is a flat out liar, which is a characteristic of way too many cops.  There was no resisting arrest in that video, IMO.  And there was a whole lot prior to "applying the handcuffs" that O'Quinn ignored.  

O'Quinn looks like a black guy to me, and if he is playing that blue line shit and lying for a white "brother cop" who savagely beat a black woman . . . well, that's about low as you can go.  Maybe in this upside down world, blacks have become part of the new Jim Crow -- the Jim Crow where all poor people are targets for cop brutality.

Chris O'Quinn

And where is progressive governor Jerry Brown in all this?  After all he is ultimately the boss of Officer Dum Bass, O'Quinn, and Farrow.  Surely Brown has the power to force CHP to identify the dip-shit shown beating the woman.  Why has he been so quiet? 

And the reason this is important is that the public needs to know what this prick's history is.  The Daily Mail is reporting that he has other victims out there who have recognized him in the video and have come forward, but before anyone can check out these allegations we have to know who Officer Dum Bass is. 


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