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And here is the Email I sent to a number of journalists who have absolutely botched this story, as explained in the report:    

Jon Ortiz of the Sacramento Bee
Scott Gold of the LAT 
Joe Serna of the LAT 
Kate Mather of the LAT    
Jason Kandel of NBC
Beverly White of NBC
Scott Neuman of npr

SUBJECT: The Pinnock beating story -- you have been duped

In the spirit of positive feedback, this Em is being sent to respectfully alert you folks to your own journalistic incompetence. You, along with hundreds of others, have been duped by the CHP in your reporting of the Marlene Pinnock beating – you have all bought into the BS that the lady was barefoot, for one thing.  That "fact," which is false, reflects poorly on her mental health, but reflects even more poorly on your competence for having reported it in spite of clear evidence to the contrary in the Diaz video.

Some of you have bought into the nine 911 calls released by CHP as being related to Ms. Pinnock on Jul01.2014, the evening she was beaten.

Within every story there is a story, and, unfortunately, the second-order story here is the way the press has butchered the main story. The story within the story is about you all, and it does not look good.

You can get the details at the following article published on Scribd, which includes my detailed excoriation of your work.


Please, go back, look at the Diaz vid, listen to the 911 calls, and use some skepticism about what the cops are telling you.

Sorry to have to be so blunt about this, but you are feeding the CHP's disinformation campaign.

My regards,

Denis O’Brien, PhD/Esq.













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