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-- Logophere's WTF News for July 19.2014 --


FL appeals court releases violent ex-cop who shot a young father in movie theatre    

Popcorn-payback killer, Curtis Reeves, Jr, the violent ex-pig who calmly blew away a guy in a FL theatre, is back on the streets after the Second District Court of Appeals overturned lower court's decision to deny bail.   FOX

In other breaking news from Tampa, Chad Oulson, Reeves' victim, is still dead. his wife is still widowed, and his daughter is still fatherless.







Those chickens heading home to roost in cases of violent and/or lying cops are good and pissed 

If you are following the case of Marlene Pinnock who was beaten by an anonymous CHP cop in LA, good news.  He won't be anonymous much longer.  Pinnock has filed a federal suit in the US District Court for the Central District of California, claiming violation of her civil liberties.  

Don't pay Courthouse News $30 for a copy of the complaint, which they obtain for $1.10.  Get it from LogoPhere for free. Here.

 ~ ~ ~

And the second chicken coming home to roost is the suit filed by Tanya Weyker in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin to settle some scores with Sheriff David Clarke and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office.  This was the case where a deputy named Joseph Quiles ran a stop sign, T-boned Weyker's car, broke Weyker's neck in four places, and then his buddies busted her for drunk driving.  She was stone cold sober, as blood tests proved.  As I speculated in May, it looks to me like Quiles was the drunk that night. 

Get the complaint in the Weyker case here.  Free.


Emily Crane and Richard Shears pool their brains, still come up short of a complete one.

Leaving no fact unmentioned no matter how obvious, Crane and Shears just want to make sure you understand the crossbow was loaded before being shot.  We are grateful for their attention to daft detail.

DM Jul15.2014




'scuse me, sir, but there is an F-16 right . . . 
OK, never mind.

This is what an Israeli F-16 attack looks like from the view point of the Gazans.  The English translation of the YT title is "Moment Nofal family home was bombed by a missile warning followed a rocket F16"

The building was "tapped" with a warning round that didn't do much damage, and then, 70 seconds later, it was turned into a pile of rubble by an Israeli F-16.

IOW, it wasn't a warning round.  There wasn't even enough time to say "WTF was that??"  

American taxpayers are OK with this shit.  They give $8M per day to Israel.  Israel buys the F-16s from the US.  American workers get paid, American politicians get paid off, and Palestinians get blown away.  It's been the same shit for 65 years.    



Americans, let me introduce you to one of the direct beneficiaries of your unending, mindless support of Israel.

When we try to understand the endless brutality of Israeli Jews against the Palestinians -- Palestinian children being shot in the back by Israeli soldiers, Palestinian children being burned alive by violent Jewish scumbags, Palestinian children playing on a beach targeted by Israeli naval rockets -- it is most helpful to listen to the Israeli Jews themselves explain what the fuck they are doing.  I mean prominent Israeli Jews like Ayeley Shaked, (left) member of the Knesset.

And the reason I say it is that this toxic, right-wing Israeli Jew has been widely quoted as calling for Israel to kill all the mothers of Palestinians and destroy their homes "otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there." EI

She looks Aryan to me, and she certainly sounds Aryan. 



This is what an "alleged" beating by Israeli Jews looks like.


The Israeli Jews beat the piss out of this American kid, Tariq Abu Khdeir, and the story went viral because 1) he was American, and 2) his cousin was the Palestinian who was burned alive by Israeli scum.  

As soon as Tariq returned to Tampa and the US consulate was no longer involved, the Israeli police ransacked the Khdeir home in retaliation for making the Israeli Jews look bad.  

So here's how it went down for this Khdeir family:  

1. Their son Mohammad was burned alive by a pack of Israeli Jews.  

2. Then the American cousin, Tariq, who was visiting, was beaten to unconsciousness by a pack of Israeli Jews.  

3. Then the Khdier home was ransacked by a pack of Israeli Jews.  




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