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Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, 
by promising to protect each from the other.
                                Oscar Ameringer

July 22, 2014

Only a Jew could say something this sick and 
not get disemboweled by the MSM.  

As a follow-up to the WTF News article of Jul19.2014 on toxic Jewess and Israeli Knesset member Ayeley Shaked's call to kill Palestinian mothers, now we have Israeli academic Mordechai Kedar publicly saying the solution to stop Palestinians from fighting for their land is to rape their mothers and sisters.

"Terrorists like those who kidnapped the children and killed them the only thing that deters them is if they know that their sister or their mother will be raped in the event that they are caught. What can you do, thats the culture in which we live. Mordechai Kedar ~ Harretz (May be behind paywall by now.)


Rape them, kill them . . . whatever.  After all, to Israeli Jews who have been stealing their land for 65 years they're just goyim.


The DM: written by morons, for morons

Who but the editors of the DM would be daft enough to provide a side bar to an article in which the side bar repeats the article verbatim -- like, right next to each other.

Victoria Wollaston, DM Jul22.14

BTW, the subject of the article is important -- a new way devious web tracking companies like AddAd are tracking you without using cookies. Here is the original Pro Publica article.

Time for TOR.

Another weekend, another drunken judge 
does the perp-walk

On Jul02.2014 LogoPhere brought to your attention two drunk FL judges -- Lynn D. Rosenthall and Gisele Pollack -- busted for DUI.  Today the drunk is from Texas -- meet Justice Nora Longoria of the 13th Court of Appeals.  Here's her mug:

When the cops busted her, Longoria tried to put the blame on them for "destroying" her life.  "I've worked hard for 25 years to get where I am today."  And where she was that day was in the back of a cop black and white.  BTW, she refused to blow the balloon. 

If you're too stupid to drive sober, you're too stupid to be passing judgment on others.  

Original story

And here's the bonus points for idiocy in this story.  Longoria is back on the bench at the 13th Court of Appeals, and the chief judge on the 13th Court of Appeals, Chief Justice Valdez, reportedly told the reporters: "One is innocent until proven guilty."

If that is an accurate quote, the chief justice doesn't know enough about American jurisprudence to be on the bench.  One is not innocent until proven guilty -- one is presumed by the law to be innocent until the state proves otherwise.  This is nothing more than a procedural tradition that requires the state to prove its case first.  In France, for instance, when a person reaches trial he/she is presumed to be guilty or they wouldn't be there, and that defendant has to prove his/her innocence.  

Either way, regardless what a jury says, a person awaiting trail is either innocent or guilty, period, and the legal procedural traditions don't change that.



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