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"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. 
People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. 
Our problem is that the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" 
                                                                                                               - Howard Zinn

July 25, 2014

 Idiot cops/prosecutors in Manassas give up on producing their own kiddie-porn, 
double down on prosecuting teenage sexter as felon


This story is one that emphasizes how scary a place America has quietly become -- and the reason is that America is run by butt-head stupid politicians, cops, and prosecutors.  I know . . . you have heard me say it before.

Early in July a case out of Manassas, Va. hit viral status as a result of egregious prosecutorial stupidity.  The prosecutor in question has been identified by WaPo as Claiborne T. Richardson, II -- a lawyer-dick with an apparent prosecutorial penchant for threatening teenage boys with photographing their dicks if they don't plead guilty.  Richardson II's boss is Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney Paul B. Ebert, who bears ultimate responsibility for this fuster cluck. His phone number is 703-792-6050 and his Em is cwoffice@pwcgov.org.

Paul B. Ebert

The story began when a 17 yo boy and his 15 yo girlfriend exchanged sexts -- the girl started it, but it was her mother who filed charges against the boy.  It would have been handled in juvenile court but when it got to trial, it was discovered that some moron in the prosecutor's office neglected to certify the case properly as a juvenile matter as required by state law. Case dismissed.  

OK, so already that tells you a lot about the competence of the cops and lawyers we are dealing with in Prince William County, Va.  But it gets worse.  Some anonymous bone-head [sic] Manassas cop decided to file new charges -- felony production of child porn, and felony distribution of child porn, among other charges -- and some anonymous moron of a magistrate apparently signed a search warrant for the cops to photograph the boy's stiff penis, and if the boy's penis wouldn't stand for such outrageous conduct, the cops could force the erection.  

And at that point the blogosphere both choked and chimed in.  I saw the story first in the British tabloid, The Daily Mail.  But here's the sick part that isn't much reported -- the search warrant was a ruse.  The prosecutor used it to threaten the boy that if he didn't plead guilty the cops would force him to have an erection so they could photograph it.  It takes one sick cop and one sick lawyer to even think of such a thing, much less threaten a child with it.  For the record, the lead investigator on this case is David Abbott.  The chief of police of Manassas is Douglas W. Keen.  His phone number is 703-257-8000.  We don't know who the police photographer of children's penises is.  


The way I see it, you have to be one frickin' perv to bust a kid and then threaten to photograph his woody unless he pleads guilty.  One frickin' perv.  And that's the way most of the world seems to see it, too, for this sick story absolutely exploded online.  Once the Washington Post and all the world were watching, Keen and Richardson II backed off on their sordid threats and police-state porn-plans.  They withdrew the search warrant they were going to use to force the kid to get a photogenic erection.  Then Keen uploaded a  public statement that sounded like the whining of a whipped dog -- "Hey!! The lawyers made us do it."  Well, that would be Ebert and Richardson II, wouldn't it?  

But the felony sex-charges against the boy still stand (there never were any charges against the girl who started the exchange) and he's going to trial Aug01.2014.  Robinson II and Ebert want this kid skewered with a life-time record of multiple sex-felonies for taking and sending pictures of himself to his own girlfriend.  

Please take this case very seriously, kids -- especially all of you with cell phones and genitalia.  With sickopath adults like Ebert, and Keen, and Robinson II running this country, this case means that just taking a picture of your own junk could get you busted, tried, and convicted on a felony charge of producing child porn -- a charge that would wreck your life.  JUST TAKING A FREAKING PICTURE OF YOUR OWN PRIVATES IS A CRIME IN MOST STATES IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 -- EVEN IF YOU DON'T SEND IT TO ANYONE!!!!  

But, of course, it's not just the cops and prosecutors who are responsible for this insipidly and profanely stupid situation.  Some idiots had to write the laws in Virginia, and that would be the Virginia General Assembly.

According to  Rachel Weiner writing in the WaPo on Jul24.14, a Virginia delegate from Fairfax named Scott Surovell tried to bring some sanity to the Va. General Asylum by introducing a bill that would make teen sexting cases misdemeanors.  But the Virginia legislature, being comprised, apparently, of an assortment of demented hog farmers, Victorian clowns, and 21st century knuckle-heads, couldn't see any problem with Virginia's porn laws as they stand.  In Weiner's article a Republican delegate from Albemarle County named Robt. B. Bell admitted that the Va. legislature is just too stupid, collectively, to sort this out.  

To make things worse, Surovell says that in Virginia kids can get expelled from school just by being charged with a felony, even if the charges are dropped -- so screw the assumption of innocence, you can pretty well fuck with a youngster just by making an accusation.  That's Virginia for you.

But Virginia's lawmakers, cops, and prosecutors are not alone in their scorched-earth approach to punishing consensual teenage sexting.  According to Weiner only 19 states have passed laws making sexting between teenagers a lesser crime than gross, pedophilic distribution of kiddie-porn.  But those 19 states show us that it can be done, it just takes a majority of lawmakers with something that passes for intelligence.

Don't wait up, Virginia.    






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