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Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, 
by promising to protect each from the other.
                                Oscar Ameringer

July 30, 2014

Nobody does white trash like Florida, especially their cops  

DM reporter Laura Collins says in a Jul26.14 article that she's in "Fruitland."  Boy, that couldn't be any closer to the truth.  Just have a look at that caption to the right and see if you don't agree that someone must have been bonkin' the bottle when they wrote it.  Maybe you can sort it out, but I gave up after "ex-wife." 100% typical Daily Fail, and they normally do these white trash articles so well.

Here's another shot of their subject matter.

Look carefully at our color coordinated KKK cop of the Fruitland Park PD.  He's all splashed out in his KKK kit and proudly flashing his police issue sidearm.  Notice how he taped his badge number.  That is one bright boy, alright. Another brilliant example of America's growing population of sicko cops. 






Here's how Jon Liebowitz (aka Jon Stewart) sees Palestine  

Below is a screen grab taken from Stewart's schizophrenic blathering on Jul28 about the on-going massacre in Gaza.  

This is precisely how Zionist Jews want to world to see the area -- a big "Israel" plastered on a map based on the 1948 Green Line partition.

The maps to the left show the growing cancer that is Israel taking over everything originally held by Palestinians.  This is the 2014 reality the Zionist Jews don't want you to see.  Makes you wonder which side of history Liebowitz Stewart is on -- the Zionist Jews' side or the right side..   

News boob walks off the air over sexy lies

RT news-boob Sara Firth, who pimped the news with plunging necklines, quit RT because, according to her, they were using "sexy" ways to lie.  Get the joke? 

 RT has buried the story, presumably because it's not sexy enough.

Firth was surely taking notes in March during the self-promotional, holier-than-thou, on-air resignation of RT anchor Liz Wahl.  After years of spewing RT's anti-American bias, Wahl became an overnight American icon of trustworthy journalism standing up to Russian lies, if you can make that fit.

Seems to me that Wahl is to honest journalism what Firth is to anti-sexism in news reporting.  Why would anyone hire either one of them? 

Nick Squires had the story at the Telegraph, Jul18.14






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