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We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore 
the consequences of ignoring reality.
                                                               -- Ayn Rand

August 05, 2014

Is ex-American Zionst Jew Michael Oren deaf or just really, really dumb?

Rarely do we get live, blatant, in-your-face proof like this that a public figure is a liar. 

Nobody spins America like Michael Oren, who decided to quit being an American so he could be Israel's ambassador to America.  Since being dumped from that job, he has been doing the rounds of US news shows selling Israel's war crimes to Americans.  

Andrea Mitchell in DC had been interviewing Oren in Tel Aviv for a number of minutes with no technical issues.  She gave him ample time to throw out all of his crap about how Israel's killing children and bombing hospitals and UN refugee centers in Gaza is OK because Israel was defending the same civilization America is part of.  In spite of the obvious lapses in logic, there were no technical problems.  Good connection to Tel Aviv.

Then, with just 10 seconds left, Mitchell asked for a comment from Oren on the allegations that GoI was tapping Kerry's phone during the peace negotiations. And that's when the BS really got deep.  That's when Oren made his bid for an Emmy.  You have to watch the vid carefully.

After Mitchell finishes her question Oren immediately responds, "I cannot hear you, I'm sorry."  

He didn't try to adjust his ear piece.  He didn't look to the technicians for help.  One presumes that as Mitchell is asking the questions, Oren can see her on a screen and he can see her lips moving.  So why doesn't he immediately show some signs of not being able to hear her?  Well, maybe he couldn't see her.  But then ya' gotta' ask if he couldn't see or hear her, then, how could he know when she finished her question?

The video connection is perfect.  The audio from Tel Aviv is perfect.  It's just audio to Oren that suddenly fails when the embarrassing question was asked.

But here's the dumbest part: Mitchell then peers into the camera and asks someone named Michael, "Can you still hear us in Tel Aviv?"

Even before she completes the question, Oren starts shaking his head, he then puts his hand to his earpiece Jon Stewart style and says: "I'm in Tel Aviv but I can't hear you, I'm sorry."  And it's almost as goofy as Jon Stewart.

Matt Wilstein at Mediaite and Samantha Lachman at HuffPo in their posts on this Zionist flim-flam were too slow to catch the obvious: If Oren couldn't hear the woman, then how did he know she said anything about Tel Aviv???

The lesson to be learned here is these Zionist Jews are not just brutal butchers of non-combatant women and children, they cannot be trusted to tell the truth even with a camera full in their face.

Can't wait until Stewart gets hold of this.  



Is that rascal at it again? Depends on what your definition of "is" is.

Now we find out that Bill Clinton was wondering out loud by way of hand-written notes.  Out loud . . . in writing . . . my god!!!!  A feat that only Oral Office Bill could pull off.

And just in case you didn't catch it -- this was in 1999.

Daily Fail, front page, Jul19.2014 



One of the most important headlines the DM will run all year -- botched

Is it asking too much with a headline as grave as this for the DM dolts to proof-read it at least once?

Daily Fail, front page, Jul10.2014


So, who will prosecute the prosecutor?

Recall that salacious sexting story out of Manassas, Va. last month?  The one about how a DA named Claiborne T. Richardson II obtained a search warrant to force a child to have an erection so the cops could photograph the erection and use the photographs as evidence that the same child produced child pornography by photographing his own erection.  Of course you remember . . . how could you forget something so stupid being done in the taxpayers' name and on their dime.  And what everyone in the world immediately recognized when the story went viral was that what the evidence would really prove was that some people have no business being lawyers, much less publicly-paid prosecutors. 

With the whole world watching, Richardson II saw the light and reconsidered his strategy of producing child porn in order to convict a child of producing child porn. 

The follow-up is that the kid was tried, the judge punted judgment and gave the kid a year's probation.  The kid's girlfriend who started the whole travesty by sending naked pictures of herself to the kid did not testify and was not charged.  Probably just as well, for if they had charged the girl, Richardson II would likely have wanted her, too, to strip down for a privates photo-shoot -- evidence, of course.    

Tom Jackman's WaPo story on the trial is well written and makes it clear that Richardson II was the one pushing for the juvenile's woody-shots.  So the question is: Why aren't Richardson II and the local cops being prosecuted for conspiring to produce child pornography or for soliciting child pornography?  I mean, folks ain't too happy with these creeps.

As Jackman observed:

Richardson quickly left the courtroom through a rear hallway and could not be reached later. Reports of death threats against him and Abbott [the cop] caused the courthouse to be on a higher-security alert Friday.



Here's 2-fer-1 DM-dummy fer ya'

The first line indicates how dim DM reporters James Tozer and Andy Dolan are.  The second one reiterates that point and also indicates how stupid the UK cops are.  No kidding: this is an absolute screen grab -- nothing is changed from the original.

The story is about a murderer who walked away from an open prison in 2002 while serving a life sentence. They guy was serving life and had been let out on compassionate leave and he took off -- dumb #1. When they got him back, they placed him in an open prison -- dumb #2.  When he walked away from the open prison, the cops never even alerted the public -- just let him go -- and he remained free for over a decade -- third strike, you morons are out.

DM Aug04.14






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