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We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore 
the consequences of ignoring reality.
                                                               -- Ayn Rand

August 06, 2014

Now you know why they wear burkas.  

If these mug shots don't give you nightmares, you're nightmare proof. 

The story is worse.  

According to Brett Gibbons' story in the Birmingham Mail on Aug01.2014, Haseena Aziz, the woman, met some 28 yo screw on Facebook and lured him to meet her in a park in Birmingham.  The honeytrap thus set, her buddy, Afahan Hussain, jumped out of the bushes, beat the guy up, and threatened him with a meat cleaver -- probably halal.  They stole the guy's phone and money.  Aziz, laughing all the time, kicked the guy in the nuts. To add insult to testicular injury, later she contacted him online with taunts.  She's what one calls, in the common vernacular, a coont. 

A couple of weeks later, Hussain ripped a kid's face with a box cutter in an unprovoked attack.  

Wonderful people, these two, and I'm sure the UK is delighted to have them.  They are both currently doing time -- he's doing 14 years, she's doing 4.  Wonder if she's still laughing.  Probably.

The creepy coont's badoo page is to the right. I'm dying to see what the "pastimes" and "sexuality" links say, but you have to join to see them, and with her being a member . . . well, that's enough to keep any sane person from joining. 

Anyway, she's only pulling 4 years.  In the UK that essentially means that she'll be out in about 8 months.  So any of you UK guys who want to go out with her, just hang on.

Creep me out, man. 





DM reporter Jennifer Newton doesn't have a clue what she is writing about.

Let me give you a couple of examples of why I say that, examples taken from her piece dated Aug06.14

First, there is the headline, left.  Richard Posner is not a "U.S. Supreme Court judge."  There are no US Supreme Court judges, they are properly referred to as "justices."  Posner is a judge, but he sits on the US Court of Appeal for the 7th Circuit, in Chicago. 

[I note that this headline was taken off of the DM front page within hours after being published.]

Second, there is this paragraph from Newton:


Newton's first error in this paragraph is factual: the heirs' appeal was not filed with the USSCt.  Nothing on this case has been filed with the USSCt as of this date.  The appeal was filed with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeal.

Newton's second error is the result of her strikingly brain-ded grammar.  Please note the pronoun "they" -- nine words from the end of the paragraph.  Can you determine to whom "they" refers?  Under the rules of grammar it applies to "Sherlock Holmes" and "Dr. Watson" because they are the closest antecedents.  And so the paragraph says Holmes and Watson have to pay the license to use the characters Holmes and Watson.  Don't think so.

The next closest guess, applying grammatical rules, would be "U.S. Supreme Court," meaning the U.S. Supreme Court must pay the license.  Don't think so. 

The only remaining guess is that they "refers" to to "Heirs" -- it's the only noun left.  This would mean that the heirs are insisting that they themselves must pay the license to use characters protected by a copyright the heirs themselves own. Don't think so.  

The conclusion that I have come to is that, judging by her IQ,  Newton is probably more closely related to Fig than to Albert.  



Revealed: DM editors would f*ck up a one-car funeral. 

DM, front page, Jul31.14 

Same demented diagram appears in the article (as of Aug06).



Three sources from Operation Cast Lead that tell us what GoI is, what it wants, how it operates, and why the world despises it 

Source #1
With so much propaganda coming out of Israel during the current attack on Gaza, Andrew Cockburn, writing for the Independent , had a look-back to a 2009 Israeli document original leaked by Newsweek Online.  The document was an Israeli spin instruction manual written by a toxic American neocon and Republican operative named Frank Luntz.  The Newsweek article has long been taken down, but Luntz's Gobbels-like propaganda manifesto can be downloaded here. It is titled The Israel Project's 2009 Global Language Dictionary

For those of you who are familiar with the word "hasbara", this is the hasbara bible.  The document patiently explains to GoI spin-miesters like Michael Oren, Mickey Rosenfeld, and Mark Regev how to establish and maintain a PR facade that looks like Israelis have the same values as Americans. Here's an excerpt from Cockburn's brilliant piece:

Dr Luntz notes that Americans as a whole are fearful of mass immigration into the US, so mention of "mass Palestinian immigration" into Israel will not go down well with them. If nothing else works, say that the return of Palestinians would "derail the effort to achieve peace".

The Luntz report was written in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead in December 2008 and January 2009, when 1,387 Palestinians and nine Israelis were killed.

Once you have read Luntz's hasbara bible, every time a GoI spin-miester opens his or her mouth on an American news show, you will immediately recognize the bullshit they are spewing, and you will immediatly recognize that you are being punked. 

Source #2
The second post-Cast Lead piece I would remind you of is Patrick Lang's 2009 assessment of the Israeli armed forces.  Lang is an ex-US Army Colonel who spent a lot of time in Israel and the Middle East.  He knows the IDF, their grade officers, and how the IDF functions.  

Mostly it functions with reservists, at least in times of turmoil like Cast Lead or Protective Edge.  It's a big news-event every time Bibi calls up the reservists, and more reservists, and then more because that's the only way GoI goes to war.  The reservists are not the stand-by force, they are the main force.  

As one who was first sent into combat as a brainless 19 yo lance-corporal, Lang's criticism of the IDF career structure really struck a note with me.  Because the IDF is, essentially, a reserve outfit, there are few career enlisted men.  Those who do a career in the IDF become officers.  This means that there are no senior enlisted men with combat experience in direct, every day contact with the junior troops who will doing all the fighting and killing.  

My experience in Vietnam makes me shudder to think of entire companies of soldiers operating without enlisted leadership who has seen combat themselves.  It was the staff sergeants and the  gunny sergeants who knew the men on an individual basis who held us together in VN.  It was those senior NCO's who made decisions about when an individual was ready to be put into combat.  It was the senior NCO's, who, in their rough way, prepared us psychologically for what was coming.  In my case, they were men who had survived beach assaults and jungle warfare in the Pacific as privates and lance corporals during WWII.  These guys knew what we were going through.

As Lang suggests, the reports we read and CCTV footage we see of IDF soldiers run amuck and murdering Palestinians are likely the result of a break down of discipline for lack of leadership from career NCOs.  The IDF ends up being, basically, a gang of Jewish thugs with M-16s who hate Palestinians.  Like the IDF thug who intentionally blew away a Palestinian mother and her daughter who were waving a white flag.  Haaretz. (The soldier got a prison "stretch" of 45 days.)  Or like the IDF thug who walked up to a wounded 13 yo Palestinian girl and emptied an entire 10-round clip into her, as reported by The Guardian.  Or like the IDF thugs who murdered two unarmed, non-belligerant Palestinian boys this past Nakba Day.  Here

Source #3
Finally, there is the much-maligned Goldstone Report on the UN Mission investigating the 2008-2009 Gaza debacle -- maligned by Zionist Jews, that is.  Writing in a semi-legalese style, Goldstone left little doubt in any objective reader's mind that Operation Cast Lead was a war crime and a crime against humanity.  Here's one passage:

On the information available to it, the Mission finds that the attacks [by Israel] on these [Palestinian] buildings constituted deliberate attacks on civilian objects in violation of the rule of customary international humanitarian law whereby attacks must be strictly limited to military objectives. These facts further indicate the commission of the grave breach of extensive destruction of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly. . . The Mission investigated eleven incidents in which Israeli forces launched direct attacks against civilians with lethal outcome (Chapter XI). The cases examined in this part of the report are, with one exception, all cases in which the facts indicate no justifiable military objective pursued by the attack . . . The Mission concludes that Israeli armed forces violated the customary international law requirement to take all feasible precautions in the choice of means and method of attack with a view to avoiding and in any event minimizing incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians and damage to civilian objects.



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