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August 19, 2014



Metzitzah b'peh really sucks


One would presume that in every state in the US and in every civilized country in the world oral-genital contact between adults and children would be strictly illegal -- no questions, no exceptions.  At least that's the way any sane human adult would see it.  But some Orthodox Jews demand that there be an exception in the anti-pedophile laws: during the Orthodox version of the ritual of circumcision, the guy doing the cutting -- the mohel -- orally sucks the child's penis to remove the blood.  Note that I have emphasized "sucks" -- I have done that because the root of fellatio is felliare, Latin for "to suck."

And if you think the Catholics are bad, these guys do their child-fellating in public and give it a special name, "metzitzah b'peh," and a catchy anagram "MBP."  If I'm making you sick, then stick around.  The details will make you comatose.

To my mind M-B-P should be good for an automatic 5 years in the P-E-N and a lifetime registration on the sex offenders' list for both the mohel and the parents.  And the reason I say it is that this fellatio ritual is carried out on infants who are only eight days old, and that means that their immune function is close to nil, which means, in turn, that if they contract herpes simplex virus from the mohel's filthy mouth, they could die.  Or become permanently brain damaged.  This is not just theory we're talkin' here -- it happens all the time.

Taking a cue from the American Association of Pediatrics and the Israeli Pediatric Association, New York City's previous mayor, who is famously Jewish, eventually took an educated, if wishy-washy, stand against MBP after a number of tragedies in NYC.  Since 2000, at least sixteen babies have contracted herpes from this ritualistic fellatio -- two died, at least one is brain damaged.  What is shocking is that this issue would even exist for Bloomburg -- or anyone -- to take a stand on.  What is shocking is that any dimwit would even consider subjecting an infant to such danger.  

But instead of out-right banning MBP in NYC as the pediatricians were begging, Bloomberg merely tried to scare parents away from the ritual by requiring that they sign a document saying they had been advised of the dangers of MBP and they were going ahead and subjecting their son to a possible life-time of dementia, or perhaps deprive their son of any life-time at all.  Such is the disgusting power of superstition and ritual, especially among some Jews.  One mohel, Rabbi Yitchok Fischer, has been identified as being the source of perinatal HIV infection in a recent case.  According to The Jewish Daily Forward, at the time he infected his last victim, he had been under a prohibition of any practices in which his ". . . mouth or oral fluids come in direct contact with an infant's genitals. . ."   The Forward  Excuse me . . . I'm going to be sick.  

But, of course, after Fischer was busted, Governor Andrew Cuomo quickly and effectively pushed the legislators to ban . . . uh, hold on.  He actually called a bunch of sickopath, baby-fellating rabbis in to talk about it.  Maybe they traded MBP stories and tips, who knows?

Rabbi Moshe Tendler, dean of Yeshiva University's rabbincal dept., called for making MBP a "criminal act," so why couldn't Bloomberg actually make it a criminal act?  Because he is afraid of the radical NYC Jews.  An estimated 3000 babies get their penises sucked by mohel's in NYC every year. Forward.com  You know how politicians think: that's 6000 voting parents.  Here was my position on this insanity as of two years ago; it hasn't softened.  Since then, 5 babies in NYC have contracted herpes from some mohels' filthy mouths.  Predictably in these sex/religious-sect perversion situations, the rest of the Orthodox Jewish community in the country is keeping mum, so we don't know how big this problem is on a national scale.

Right after Bloomburg implemented the requirement of written parental consent, a gaggle of Orthodox Jews filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the requirement -- you guessed it . . .violated their religious freedom. Israel National News U.S. District Court Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, a Jew, is hearing the case.  According to Buchwald, the NYC authorities and the fellatio-promoting rabbis agreed to put enforcement of the NYC regulations on hold until she could rule on the injunction.  In the interim five babies have contracted herpes from mohels, and two of those mohels have been suspended from practicing, which appears to mean not squat judging from Fischer's case.  Nice, orderly judicial system.  The "i"'s are dotted; the "t"'s are crossed; briefs filed on time -- it just doesn't seem to be working too well for those five HSV-infected babies, who, of course, have no rights, no voice (literally or figuratively) and no legally recognized interest in how adults cut, suck, and fiddle with their penises.  

But on Jun10.13 Judge Buchwald came down firmly on the babies' side when she ruled on the fellatio-promoting plaintiffs' motion for an injunction.  Opinion here  

To make a long story short, the judge ripped these oral-gential wackos to pieces.  It is a brilliantly written and reasoned opinion.  IMO Judge Buchwald lays out very nicely why Rabbi Tendler is right: this practice should be criminalized as a sexual perversion and an act against nature.  If the parents are too stupid to look out for their newborns, then the state has to.




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