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~ Daily Darts for Aug29.2014 ~


There's only one story here . . . 

 HuffPo hires HS drop-out to write headlines.   

HuffPo Aug08.14


"Which?"  "That?" . . . 
whichever, it's only English 

But the real story is not the wolf, or the goofy grammar.  It's that the DM now places W. Va. north of the Great Lakes. 

Daily Mail, Front Page, Aug24.2014





DM knows even less about zoology than geography 

No, these elephants did not raise their "tusks."  Look at your own photos, you cretinous, sorry excuse of a newspaper editor.  You couldn't tell an elephant's tusk from a turkey's turd.  

They have no tusks!!  That's because they are female Asian elephants -- Kelly and Viola.   

Daily Mail, Front Page, Aug26.2014


We would like to offer our sincere excuses . . . for being so stupid, but at least we're brutally honest.

Sometimes words are just too beautiful to ridicule.  When the French company Arianespace screwed up the launch of GPS satellites and put them into the wrong orbit, here was the comment from the boss.

“Our aim is of course to fully understand this anomaly,” said Stephane Israel, Arianespace chairman and chief executive. “While it is too early to determine the exact causes, we would like to offer our sincere excuses to ESA and the European commission for this orbital injection that did not meet expectations.”

AP via Guardian Aug24.14



 There are morons . . . and then there are morons . . . and then there are Daily Fail morons 

Promising sex to avoid the death penalty is no reason to be luring men to their deaths, young lady.

DM, Front Page, Aug26.14


Ellie Zolfagharifard has no clue . . . or maybe she does.

Ellie Zolfagharifard wrote this piece for the Daily Fail, referring repeatedly to the famous Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, CA as the"Racetrack Player."

Here are three examples of her incompetence in the one article. A-C. 

Example D seems to indicate she caught on to her own mistake late in the article, but she never corrected herself, thereby leaving herself open to charges of incompetence.

Ellie, Ellie, Ellie . . . all you had to do was read the article you were reporting on to see that it's "Racetrack Playa."  Yes, "Playa" -- it's Spanish for . . . well, you look it up.  You're the one getting paid to write this thing.

  DM, Aug28.14


ONYX ALERT!!: Black guy spotted at Burning Man.  Ferguson SWATs are on the way!

In today's DM photo essay Aug29.14 reporting the latest fatality at Burning Man, I can count 254 people whose skin color can be determined.  Only one is black.  Assuming those photos represent a random sample of the BM participants, then 0.004% are black.

If there's a police-shooting, who ya' think it's gonna' be??  Right -- some black dude in drag. 

A ticket to get in is $400 -- times 70,000 participants. That's a $28M budget, half a million of which goes to building the burning man itself, which will eventually be torched as per the point of the whole thing.  

Or is the point of the whole thing a white people's way of flipping off the poor, rather than just burning $100 bills in their collective face.

With the Zuckerburg, Musk, Page and the other billionaires in Silicon Village at BM taking over both the limelight and the ambiance, BM begins to smell more like rich white people's bm than the expression of personal freedom it started out as. 




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