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A great many people think that they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.
                                                               -- Wm James 

Drunk, Idiot, and/or 
Incompetent DAs and Judges 
~September 08, 2014~

Delaware Delaware AG Beau Biden's Deputy AG, Daniel Simmons, charged with 4 counts of sexual assault on 16-yo boy. UPI

No comment yet from the Vice President's son or Jerry Sandusky. 

Ohio Perry County Judge Dean L. Wilson was charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and failing to stop after an accident.  Columbus Dispatch

The judge is known for setting up innovative courts for drunk drivers.   

USA US Federal judges are dirty . . . nothing to see here.  Move along. Center for Public Integrity

When Linda Wolicki-Gables and her husband appealed a lawsuit all the way to the second-highest court in the nation against Johnson & Johnson over a malfunctioning medication pump that had been implanted in her body, the couple had no idea that one of the judges who decided their case had a financial stake in the giant multinational company.

Eleventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge James Hill owned as much as $100,000 in Johnson & Johnson stock when he and two other judges ruled against the Gables’ appeal in the precedent-setting case.

The Center also found that Hill ruled on three other appeals involving companies in which he owned stock, violating clear rules governing the federal courts. In all four instances, the court rulings favored his financial interest. In a statement released by the court

The Center found 26 examples since just 2010 where federal appellate judges ruled on cases in which they had a financial interest.  IOW they were crooks. More than 110 of the appellate judges blacked out information on their annual reports -- there's only 255 of them.  So, essentially we are saying half of the federal appellate judges have something to hide. 

Here's an app to find out what stocks are feeding your federal judge's monkey. 


Montana MT Judge G. Todd Baugh didn't get away with it: suspended without pay, viral 31 day sentence of teacher for raping 14 yo student reversed.

Cherice Moralze was a 14-yo student of pervert Stacy Dean Rambold when he raped her.  Before he could be brought to trial she committed suicide. 

Kidde raper Rambold, headed to prison. 

Rambold admitted to rape in exchange for no jail time -- ain't that sweet?  I mean a judge would have to be on the take to buy into that idea -- but that's what happened.  When Rambold screwed his probation conditions by being kicked out of a treatment program, he came up for sentencing again.  That's when this cluster fuck of a judge G. Todd Baugh gave him a 31 day sentence and blamed the girl because, according to Baugh, the 14-yo was "older than her chronological age."

These sorts of sexist outcomes used to be commonplace in backwater holes like Yellowstone County, MT, but times they are a'changin'.  The blogosphere let loose with a flood of shit on this wacko judge and he was dragged before the state supreme court.  Essentially, his penalty was suspended and lost a month's pay before he retired.

As for the pervert, the MT Supreme Court found that no judge could suspend all but 31 days of a statutory rape sentence.  In April.2014 the case was sent to another judge for re-sentencing according to the law. Pending.  Reuters 


Pennsylvania & Washington The best way to deal with rape and domestic abuse victims who have the audacity to accuse their attackers: lock them up.  No . . . the victim, not the attacker.  Let him go free on bail. 

In Cowlitz County, WA a 43-yo woman who was kidnapped and raped was arrested without being charged with any crime, ostensibly to make sure she showed up at trial.  It's a little number called a "witness warrant."  That's right the DA can lock up a victim of a crime because they are the victim and therefore they have to appear at trial.  Jezebel

And it's not a peculiarity of backwater, turkey-turd places like Cowlitz County, WA.  A DA/judge tag-team in Scranton, PA just pulled the same shit with a female assault victim, Faith Bronson.  She was locked up in Lackawanna County Prison for no other reason than the DA said she might not show at the trial of her attacker.  Judge Michael Barrasse locked Bronson up until she can post $25,000 bail. Source

Now be sure you get this right -- it is not the person who committed the crime we're talkin' about.  It's the woman who got the piss pounded out of her.  That's her penalty for bringing charges against the attacker -- lock-up until trial.  BTW, the DA, Gene Riccardo, and the judge, Michael Barrasse are both . . . you guessed it! . . . males.   

Gene Ricardo just waiting for the next woman with balls enough to accuse a man. 

My understanding is that after the Internet went bonkers over this story, the Riccardo and Marrasse backed off and agreed that Ms. Bronson could remain on house arrest. 

This sort of media attention is sure to lighten the load on both the DA and the judge since no woman in her right mind will now bring charges for rape or assault in Scranton.  On the one hand the attacker will beat the shit out of them and on the other the judges and DA's will lock them up. 

God bless America. 

UK Black dude cold-cocks man with Asperger's, kills him with one blow, gets 4 years.  Will be out in 2.

The US is not the only place that has a problem with dumb-ass judges.  Meet controversial Judge Keith Cutler of Salisbury Crown Court, UK, who is reported to have said as he sentenced Lewis Gill to just 4 years for killing the absolutely defenseless Andrew Young: "What I have to look at is what was in your mind at the time you threw that punch."  

Keith Cutler in goofy wig. 

How can any judge be so freaking stupid as to think he has the ability or the duty to read the mind of a killer?  How about the harmless victim -- who's reading his mind as he stood there looking over  his right shoulder as Gill delivered the fatal blow?  

Taxi driver Simon Scott said of [Mr. Young]: ‘Andrew was always friendly and polite and often struck up conversations with strangers. He was gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly.’  DailyMail

And against the background of a 4 yr sentence for killing an innocent, defenseless man, there is the other over-the-edge UK case in which UK Judge Stephen Males sentenced Jamie Windle, 24, to freaking NINE years for giving a man a broken jaw for having an affair with his mother, thus ruining his family.  In Saudi Arabia adultery will get you not just a broken jaw, but a stoning. Daily Mail

UK And while we're on the subject of UK judges' unbelievably gormless decisions . . . meet Judge Francis Sheridan

This wigged wonder released an accused rapist from Zimbabwe who admitted pouring boiling water over his victim's head and intentionally infecting additional women with HIV.  What could possibly go wrong? 

Francis Sheridan . . . when will someone start locking up the judges?

You guessed it, even though the judge was too thick to: Brian Shayanowako, 54, failed to turn up for his rape trial after  Sheridan allowed him to walk out of Aylesbury Crown Court on August 19. -- Leon Watson, DM Sep04



Finally . . . we have dum bass Judge Leigh Ann Darby, of Sentatobia MS who wouldn't know due process from a swamp-turtle's ass.  

Ex-judge Darby

When three kids -- 2 girls and a boy, all in the 10th grade -- cut through a neighbor's yard, the  neighbor called the cops.  No news there.  There are these kinds of prick homeowners in every neighborhood.

But the news is this mud for brains judge who sent the kids to the Alcorn County detention center where they were grossly humiliated by being stripped naked and forced to squat and cough.  Then drug tested.  Then held for three days.  For cutting across a yard.  15 and 16 yo kids.  

The kids had no police records, no drugs, and there was no probable cause to suspect they were doing anything but schleping between two houses in the straightest line home, as kids do in every community.  AP  Oh, yeah . . . they're black, and this is still Mississippi. 

To add insult to injury, the guy in charge of the detention center, Alcorn County Sheriff Charles Rinehart virtually called the kids liars -- "We don't do that" Rinehart said of the squat and cough procedure after the kids' story went viral.  Well, Rinehart better hope someone "forgot" to turn on the CCTV because his ass in sure to be in a law suit soon.  Source

Contrary to an ABA headline  saying Darby can't be re-elected, she was never elected in the first place. Darby was hired by some other judge -- a guy named Percy Lynchard. You know how these things go in the deep south.  

As expected, Lynchard originally defended Darby's decision.  His point was, like, well, how could Darby know that Friday starts a weekend, and that it was a holiday weekend, and that the kids would be locked up until Tuesday?  KLTV Nov17.11  This guy Lynchard is the one the MS Supreme Court needs to have a look at, IMO.  But now that the MS Supreme Court has shit-canned Darby and the whole freaking world is looking down on these judges in Drake County, MS, ole' Percy is backing off.    Here 

Here is the May2014 MSSCt decision removing Darby from office. Ironically (or not), she was replaced by a black man.








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