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-- Daily Darts for Sep19.2014 --


Here's a reporter who needs to think before accuses 
innocent 9-year-olds of killing people.

Michael Muskal


When I saw Michael Muskal's LA Times headline accusing that nine-year old girl of killing the idiot arms instructor at "Bullets and Burgers" in White Hills, Arizona on Aug25.14, I could not believe what I was seeing.  "Boy, did that guy's editor fuck up on that one." says I to myself.

Wrong, Denis . . . Muskal is the editor and the writer and the headline says exactly what the article says:

We need to get this straight because this child is going to have enough emotional problems as a result of this cluster fuck that was totally caused by the brain-ded adults around her that day -- including the dead guy, Charles Vacca, the girl's parents, and the owner of "Bullets and Burgers," Sam Scarmardo.  The child did not kill Vacca -- Vacca, abetted by the other adults involved, killed Vacca.


Scarmado procured the Uzi and ammo the girl was handed.  Her parents gave their permission for her to handle and fire the weapon.  Vacca put the Uzi in the girl's hands.  Vacca instructed her how to fire it.  Vacca made the decision to stand on her left side -- the direction in which he should have known the recoil would force the weapon.  Vacca was the one who did not have sufficient brains to realize the obvious: that a 9-yo girl does not have the experience to anticipate what will happen when an automatic weapon is fired on full automatic, and probably does not have sufficient reflexes or strength to control the weapon the first time she lets it rip. 

Yeah, I know, the LAT like all newspapers needs to hype their stories all they can, and what better way than "instructor killed by 9-year-old?"  But not even the UK Daily Mail stooped this low.  To call this child a "killer" in a national publication is an inexcusable and outrageous falsehood, and were she my child this Muskal creep would be looking down the barrel of a lawsuit.  But then again, if she were my child she wouldn't have been anywhere near the sorts of places you'd be likely to find Vacca or Scarmado, least of all a wild-cat firing range.  

The only good thing about this story is that it wasn't the girl who caught the round in the head, but Muskal seems to be doing what he can to make a horrible story worse.    



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