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-- Daily Darts for Oct02.2014 --

 From the Out to the Woodshed Dept


Here's a few members of the American judicial system 
who need to be taken out to the woodshed for a little informal schoolin'


Stephanie Karr -- Ferguson City Attorney

First, we've got the City Attorney of notorious Ferguson, Mo., Stephanie Karr, who is fast becoming rather notorious herself.  A report by Jack Gillum of the AP says that Karr declines to explain how Ferguson can gouge the media for thousands of dollars in copying fees before Ferguson will respond to media requests for internal Emails, which requests could not require more than a few minutes time of a low-end of the pay-scale secretary. Karr could use some schooling on the meaning of "transparency" and on her responsibilities to the public as a city attorney.  And, maybe, the meaning of the term "honesty."  

Charlie Grapski at PhotographyIsNotACrime out and out calls her a liar, and he has documents to back up his accusations.  According to Grapski, Karr, who is a lawyer at the firm Curtis, Heinz, Garrett and O'Keefe, is refusing to release records by saying that the feds have the records.  And yet the feds tell him they are not the problem at all because Ferguson has the originals.  Tsk, tsk, tsk, 


Stacey Rambold -- pedophile teacher and convicted kiddie-raper - 1 victim: 10 years prison

Remember the teacher, Stacey Rambold, was given a 30-day stretch for raping a 14-yo old in 2007?  Well, it was not a big item in the MSM last week, but after a shit-storm in the blogosphere, including LogoPhere, ole' Stacey got re-sentenced -- 10 years in the slammer, according to Newser.  That's 120x longer than what shit-for-brains Judge G. Todd Baugh gave him, while blaming the child for the rape.  She committed suicide in 2010.  Originally, Baugh gave Rambold no time at all!!!  

It's great that Rambold will finally be going to prison -- all kiddie rapers should, which brings us to part two of our line-up of kiddie-rapers  straight off of the group "W" bench.  California ex-teacher Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst who was charged with 41 counts of sex crimes with an undisclosed number of students.  One of her student-victims fathered her baby.  LAT  But the judge and DA in the Whitehurst case makes Baugh's 30 day sentence for raping a child look almost draconian in comparison.  

Laura Whitehurst -- pedophile teacher and convicted kiddie raper - undisclosed number of victims, three named: 6 months jail

Whitehurst was charged with 41 counts of kiddie-sex, and when she gave birth to Exhibit "A" that should have been sufficient indisputable evidence to put her away for at least 41x as long as Rambold.  One of her victims is reported to have been younger than 14-yo. Daily Mail  

Against the clear evidence of her being a child predator, this is the way Whitehurst's attorney James Gass described his client:  "a clean-cut American girl sitting in jail, so she's having a hard time. But she will be OK."  Why do attorneys say these moron things?  

But she wasn't sitting in jail for long, bless her felonious heart.  She spent less than 6 months in the county jail before getting early release in January 2014. Here  

The lame-ass San Bernardino County District Attorney allowed her to plead to just 6 felony charges with respect to three of her victims -- she pled guilty to four counts of unlawful sex with a minor and two counts of oral copulation with a minor.  Unlawful sex with a minor is AKA statutory rape, which makes Whitehurst a convicted kiddie-raper.  Sounds like a 20-30 year stretch to me.

But the lame-ass judge sentenced her to just 1 year -- that's right, 3 months for each felony.  

And then the lame-ass sheriff let her out after less than 6 months -- that's right, leas than 1.5 months for each felony is what she did. 

(And the lame-ass reporter of the Redlands Daily Facts, Doug Sanders, declined to name the DA, the judge, or the sheriff.)  

There ain't a woodshed in the whole state of California big enough to hold all of these lame-asses.  This is what one properly calls a "cluster fuck."  And the cluster getting fucked was a bunch of school kids and the public in general who paid the teacher, Whitehurst, the DA, the judge, the sheriff, and maybe her lawyer if she had a public defender.  This is not justice.  A sentence like this only encourages more female pedophile teachers to have at it with their students. In my opinion, an objective person would reasonably be concerned that there might have been more "oral copulation" going on than just with the kids.   

Forget it, Jake . . . it's California. 


Maybe the Hon. Mike Maggio ain't so honorable after all

And then there's this piece of art who has made the headlines blogging under the handle "geauxjudge," whatever that means.  According to the Times-Picaynue this Louisiana judge Mike Maggio's online commentary ranged from racism to sexism to dishing out the details of a family court matter of actress Charlize Theron.  This is the stuff morons are made of. 

Maggio apologized "deeply" for his "lapse of personal judgment."  And then he said in a wholly mock-worthy attempt at reconstructing his image: "These comments are not a reflection of who I am."  IOW, the debil made me do it. 

Maggio withdrew his name from the election for a seat on the court of appeals.  His term as district judge runs out at the end of the year, but according to Susanna Capelouto of CNN, his term has already been cut short.  

Apparently, the authorities took geauxjudge out behind a Louisiana woodshed and educated him real good about how judges are expected to behave -- even online. 




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