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Quote of the Week

A liberal is a person who's interests are not at stake at the moment. 
                                                               -- Willis Player 

A conservative is one who believes that nothing new
ought to be adopted for the first time.
                                                                         -- Frank A. Fanderlip

James Foley's revenge: 
Foley spoofs Sunny Abu al-Pigturd 
and the other ISIS morons 
~October 10, 2014~

In this in-depth analysis of the James Foley "decapitation" video, I show how Foley twisted the scripted dialog he was supposed to read.  Instead of a denunciation of America, Foley turned it into an affirmation of his patriotism -- possibly the last words he ever spoke. 

This story points out why ISIS cannot win.  They are too freaking stupid to have even a vague idea of what they are up against. 

We cannot allow this hero's memory to fade before Americans understand the extent of his courage. 

The 40-page analysis is . . .  here.  Please read it and pass it on. 









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