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It is a sin to believe evil of others, 
but it is seldom a mistake.
                                              -- H.L. Mencken

~ October 25, 2014 ~

From the Views & Spews Dept.

On Oct23 I posted on LogoPhere a contribution I made to the Mondoweiss discussion over David Gerald Fincham's post "The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of Israel and Palestine." 

In my long MW comment, although generally supporting Fincham's major points, I raised an objection to one I had a problem with:

I can’t agree with your soft position. Nothing that is man-made is irreversible. The fact that GoI has “fully integrated” Palestinian land means nothing about who has a moral and legal claim on it.

Fincham's response was firm but not entirely rational and certainly not supported by international law:

David Gerald Fincham  October 23, 2014, 6:51 pm

"The fact that GoI has "fully integrated" Palestinian land means nothing about who has a moral and legal claim on it."

Yes it does. The Israeli citizens living in the "fully integrated land" have the same human rights as every one else. It is not their fault that the Israeli government took that land from another people 66 years ago. They cannot legally be driven from their homes, nor can a piece of territory legally be transferred from one sovereignty to another without the agreement of a majority of its residents. That is why I say Palestine should be given territory (empty as far as possible) in the Negev as compensation for the territory which was stolen from it in 1948-49.

The other commentators weren't impressed, and told him so, pretty well trashing his idea that stealing land from a people gives the thieves some sort of legal claim to that land.  But one of the commentators, a MW regular named "mooser," took an ad hominem swipe at me, as she/he often does. Here is mooser's jab: 

Mooser   October 24, 2014, 12:02 pm

"When kids fight over the last brownie, many moms will make one of them cut it in two, and the other one then gets first choice."

What about when a larger kid smashes the face of a smaller child, and then steals his lunch, complete with brownie?

Denis, you know what you can do with that lame equivalency hasbara? Every solution you ever thought of skips any kind of Zionist accountability. Why is that?

My retort, for the record, sets forth my vision for Palestine.  Interestingly, this comment was barred by Fincham, likely because he got so badly beat up over his response to my first comment.

Denis   October 24, 2014 

Mooser: "Denis, you know what you can do with that lame equivalency hasbara?" 

Well, just guessing . . . does it have something to do with the sun not shining or fart-whistles? 

 "Every solution you ever thought of skips any kind of Zionist accountability. Why is that?"

First of all, I am flattered to the very depths of my inflated ego to realize that you are keeping a running inventory of all of my "solutions." If you want to compile them into a best-seller, go ahead. I suggest "Der Judenstaat" as the working title. 

"Zionist accountability" -- as much as I despise the 20th c. Israeli version of Zionism, I fully admit, Zionist accountability is not a concept that has ever crossed my mind. Not even when smoking pot, which is when just about everything crosses my mind, or what's left of it. 

I initially thought that perhaps I should apologize to you b/c I had never worked "Zionist accountability" into my "solutions," but then it occurred to me how Mandela never included "Afrikaner accountability" into his solutions for that apartheid fustercluck down south. He spent 27 freaking years in that Robben Island hell-hole and upon release all he wanted was reconciliation instead of "accountability." So . . . like, you got a problem with that approach? 

Is that were you think we ought to be going with this whole thing -- accountability? That clearly infers revenge, punishment, and more dead children. If that is your position, then it is you who needs to be considering depositing "solutions" in your fart-whistle. 

My solutions are built on a vision of i-Jews, p-Muslims, (and i/p-Christians) all coexisting in Palestine/Israel in a way that allows them each to contribute freely to the species' intellectual, economic, and spiritual evolution -- and I'm thinking 10th c. Cordoba as the basic model here. I think Herzl was thinking that way, too. In order for that to happen, they have to stop killing each other. 

My vision is Israel and Palestine each having complete sovereignty and their own army, navy, and air force, and a mutual defense treaty for covering each other's back. 

Yes, you are correct: Zionist accountability is not on my agenda. I personally see Zionism as a scourge and a sickness. But accountability? Sorry, I can't accommodate you on that one. 




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